No Legendary drops from Graveward? PS4 HELP

I’ve been farming Graveward on normal mode and Mayhem mode 1 on with my level 50 FL4K for about 3 hours and have only got 6 legendary items or weapons.

I got 3 legendaries on my first run, 2 legendaries on my second and 1 legendary on my third but no legendaries since then and I have save quit and reloaded the game about 30-40 times since.

I have tried to leave the area and return to Sanctuary 3 and go back again after a save quit but to no avail.

I have even relaunched my game which did fix the problem for one run but the next run and the subsequent runs after that were no legendaries period.

I am not sure if I’m doing anything wrong but I don’t think I am if anyone has any ideas please help…

Thanks Hellion1

I would say check the Lost Loot box or you’re likely suffering from a case of bad RNG.

I checked the Lost Loot Box but no legendaries at all as I usaly pick them up off the ground when they land so I can have a better look at them… :sob:

I think that the RNG gods have gone on a f-ing vacation and forgot about me!!! lol

All I am trying to gat is a Cutpurse Static Charge Artefact but no luck.

Sometimes they drop through the floor that why i mentioned the LL box. Sounds like it’s time to farm someone else a couple times and see it that changes anything.

You should net 1-4 every run sometimes even 6 on M4.

Down on M1 or below chances are typically 0-1 per run with an outlier of 2-3.

Go on M2, honestly not much harder than M1 and try that, you should net at least 1 almost every run.

I’ve been farming Hightower for days and he never drops any legendaries or any loot. Prior to that it was Hyde not dropping anything at all. Also, I only got Borman to spawn once on M4, during several farming runs.

I can see not getting a legendary every time, maybe 1 out of 5 or 6 times killing Tyreen nets zero legendaries. But not to get any drops from a boss is just weird. But it usually gets fixed in the next patch for me. Then someone else is borked.