No legendary VIP reward weapon

I got all the check marks for the legendary maliwan weapon but i load up the game its not in rewards. I check the mail (in game and menu) (only works in game) and its not in there. I did receive the early adopter pack and the vip pack but all the reward stats read 0 damage and ammo capacity and 100% accuracy i cant aim down sights or do anything. My grenade mods loot and shield mods are all useless as well no way of using them. everything from the preorder to the VIP rewards program is not working. They are all gear level 15 and user level 1.

Idk whats going on. Is anyone else having similar issues i have like 8 legendary items in my inventory and cant use them and im missing the legendary VIP smg???

***all weapon skins and character skins are unlocked but the weapons and gear aren’t

I have the same issue on PC. Got the Torgue weapon, three legendary grenades, shield and sub machine gun… but all are zero damage, Zero ammo capacity and I can’t use them. Just taking up weapon space.


Same thing happend to me all o capacity o damage

I’ve got exactly the same issue & one of my friends also has the same issue. 0 damage across board. The loot drop & xp gain mods are also missing in their entirety

Resetting game did not help. I am hopeful they figure out what went wrong… but if I sell the weapons I doubt they will get replenished. If I keep the weapons, they are level 1. So… unless we eventually open a storage vault, they take up 1/2 my inventory space.

Same issue here. I’ve had all checkmarks for over a week and it never showed up in my rewards, and now it’s not going up in my Mail system.

anyone figure anything out yet?