No Level cap pls

So I just reached level 100 and it made me think that there really shouldn’t be a level cap. I love the feeling of leveling up and it makes me sad that I no longer get to do that. I feel like there shouldn’t be a level cap or have it at like 1000 or something, this would also let people get more skins through commander packs and maybe every 100 levels a legendary pack? But really I would just like to keep leveling up

Didn’t you post this exact thread yesterday?

No I reached level 100 today?

Or you have multiple forums accounts… I read the same post yesterday, with the same Idea of a legendary pack every 100 levels.

Oh. Well its a good idea.

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more poeple need to get different forum avatars. many have the same one or near basicly the same one but slightly different.

im having the same problem often thinking many poeple are one person posting everywhere

mine is battleborn themed and original :smiley:

I suspect Gearbox may eventually have a “prestige” system of sorts specifically because it really does not take loo long to get to CR (Command Rank) 100. I initially expected it would take many hundreds of hours, but I am already CR 71 and have played maybe 100 or so hours at most, much of it goofing around and not really trying to advance all that quickly. That may sound like a lot, and in three weeks I suppose it is, but even playing a more modest 50 hours per month that means you will max out in a few months.

Granted, the double experience weekend that is still going on helped, but it seems to me that capping this early does remove some of the feeling of progression which players enjoy. You can still rank up heroes, but one day you will get them all to 15, too.


Which is why I am a snorlax. Mwahahahaha…

On topic. I would love to continue gathering commander packs well past level 100. Guarenteed at least a skin or taunt? Yes please!

Prestige would be nice but only if you get something trivial like a title.

I’m hoping they add a prestige option sooner or later but more so that it does not reset character experience not gear because that would completely negate the chance of just about everyone prestiging.

I doubt they would do that but there’s typically some sort of drawback such as having to do the unlock challenges again for the characters.

Maybe they would give you an unlock key every prestige that way you could keep your favorite the first presige and your two favorites the second and so on and so forth.

Note: I’m not even lvl 100 yet but I fear I’ll be there soon and will be bored at level cap.

I agree that a cap of 100 command ranks is too few, in todays games ppl like to see progress, also if it is only small steps. But to freeze progress is a bad idea. For example in Destiny you have only 20 character levels but the exp-bar continues and every time you have a level-up above 20 you get something.

I’d like it if they expanded the level cap, if only because I like the fact that commander packs come every 5 levels with a guaranteed skin and I’d like a better chance of getting new skins for new characters.

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I feel like this is doubly hilarious/confusing when it happens to be OM avatars :laughing:

Personally pulled mine straight from the official BB site lol.

I may change it in the future to reflect my PSN avatar of Gilgamesh.

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