No Lilith == No Sale

I’ve had enough time to process all of the issues with the BL3 story and ended up in a place where I know where I stand on the whole thing in the decision to play Borderlands 4.

I’m one of the people that stopped playing Halo after Cortana was killed off in Halo 4, and I’m not sure if anyone loved playing Halo more than I did, but that’s where I ended up after processing that awful story choice by 343 Studios.

I’ve stopped playing other franchises that I once loved in the past as well, but Halo is kinda my best example of what happens when a game I love goes too far in the “push me over the edge” department.

Game developers have the mind set that they can treat us however they want and we will just keep coming back for more. In this case the short-sightedness of the writers left many players in a bad place in the end. This seemed like a non-issue for the development team. Nobody involved in the creative process of putting it together had the “emperor has no clothes” moment to make an issue about any of it.

Borderlands needs players… players don’t need Borderlands. The game landscape is littered with great titles to play. Did they forget this?

Bad decisions in game development … Just like in every other aspect of life… lead to bad consequences. In this case, fewer players.

So yeah… back to the title. You get it. Just as Halo isn’t Halo without Cortana, Borderlands just isn’t Borderlands without you know who.

I’m just one player… maybe they don’t care. That’s fine too. I’ll find other games to play. Of that I am very sure.

Please use Spoiler tags.


What are you even on about?


I hope she stays gone.

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Since this is in the Spoilers section…

You do know Lilith lives, right? And she get’s her Siren powers back at the end. She hasn’t been confirmed dead, only MIA.


WTF. Thanks for spoilers from Halo.


Spoiler tags added, although HALO 4 has been out a long time at this point. I stopped playing that game after I started a second playthrough and realised I just wasn’t interested any more. Also, not sure if that death was confirmed in HALO 5 or whether it’s one of those are-they-or-aren’t-they plot twist endings (kinda like another game I know) And please don’t tell me without using spoiler tags!

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Lilith isn’t dead. One of the story leads confirmed that on the borderlands show awhile back. She’s just gone for now. The vault war is coming and she’ll certainly be back for that.


A significant portion of the fanbase absolutely hated Lilith’s guts after the events of TPS, and BL3 only made the issue worse by forcing us to talk to her at every opportunity.

The fact that one of the biggest complaints about BL3’s story is “Too much Lilith; not enough Tina/Brick/Mordecai” should clue you in on whether or not people consider Lilith’s presence essential to the franchise.


Regarding Cortana in Halo 4 and 5 this is way worse and totally ridiculous because in Halo 5

The developers decided to bring her back and ruin the emotional impact of Halo 4 but no it doesn’t stops there, she has now a human sized physical body and is the new main antagonist.

And before anyone brings this up, I know that something similiar was already planned for Halo 1 but that doesn’t justifies this whole nonsense.

And no this isn’t a joke this is really what happens, just look it up if you want.


This kinda has me worried because they also stated that her story is done. So will she just show up as a meaningless side character like the others in BL3?


lilith is definitely coming back in bl4 fortunately, theyve hinted at it so much i doubt theyd go back on it. dont think she’d play the same role though

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I personally don’t care at all if Lilith is in future Borderlands games. Between BL2, TPS, and BL3 I think we’ve seen quite enough of her.


Cortana is fine
Also microsoft forced us to all have her built into windows 10.


I feel like it wasn’t so much not enough Tina, Brick, and Mordecai, although that was a complaint, but rather the primary complaint was that Ava sucks, acts like a spoiled brat, and is handed over the keys to the kingdom for - no apparent reason? Because Sirens? I am not sure.

EDIT: My biggest problems with the Ava plotline is that not only is handing over Sanctuary III and the Raiders to Ava totally premature, but we never even get to see Ava ACTUALLY IN CHARGE to see how she handles it. Why doesn’t she give us a mission or show any semblance of being the leader? Even just one mission.


I had more than enough of her poorly written character in BL3…please no more! In her defense, Ashley Burch did the best she could with sub-par material.

Edit---- to correct my phone, it decided her name was Ashley Bitch not Burch. Anybody want a good deal on a Motorola?


Pizzas Open Doors was at the very least…probably a Burch creation, actually.

I’m not talking one line I’m talking about the entirety of her dialogue…atrocious at best.

Edit---- there’s no way anybody will convince me that the B-Team was done justice in this game. It seemed like they were thrown in the game as a last minute ‘why not’.


I wouldn’t expect Lilith to appear at the start of the next Borderlands, but she will probably get a heroic entrance and save us from whatever is ■■■■■■■ us up at that moment. While I personally don’t need her in my Borderlands (edit: I like her, but she isn’t what makes Borderlands Borderlands for me) I know that she is important, for the fanbase and for the overall story. She is a siren, so she either has to be there or a successor has to come up and I don’t see Gearbox throwing her character away.


What about Maya, she’s most beloved vault Hunter (I think). When Maya died, people were pissed. So being her back, she’s Cortana of Borderlands

I’m just happy, gaige and her best boi DT are safe <3


Angel was the Cortana of Borderlands. Maya was the Master Chief. If we are going to be technical about that analogy.