No longer able to see minion kills in Incursion? Seriously why?

So minion kills are no longer showing in PvP incursion. Any reason for this curious change that you can elaborate on @Jythri? I can’t honestly think of a reason for this, and I am curious along with a few others I know @FlamesForAll


the fact that you can see it in meltdown but not incursion has me believing its a bug


This is bothering me too in Incursion. I’m hoping it’s a bug and not something the devs decided to take away in his mode.


I really wish we could customize exactly whats shown on the pop up score card in game. I really do not care how much healing my team mates do, as long as they heal…occasionally (I find asking anything more than that is unreasonable :stuck_out_tongue: ). I would much rather see the score again so I know who will win in a tie, and minion count.