No longer available on Steam

Not sure exactly why, but A:Colonial Marines and AvP 2010 have both been removed from STEAM.
Possibly a licensing issue since it happened at the beginning of the new year.

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Very interesting…

Well, AVP99/Classic is still for sale, so the license still remains…

Something to do with the lawsuit maybe? Care to comment, Gearbox?

Gearbox could only comment on A:CM. AvP2010 didn’t have any legal action I was aware of. Though the online portion of AvP2010 was shattered beyond repair if you were playing ranked games. Took 5mins to start a match, and your XP would be erased if you didn’t completely quit back to the main menu after every round.
Might still be license issues, as Fox interactive worked on AvP and AvP2 I think.

Yeah, the AvP it was Rebellion and Fox Interactive. AvP 2 (which is criminally not on Steam) it was Monolith and Fox Interactive.

With AvP 2010 it was Rebellion and SEGA.
The since A:CM and AvP 2010 both disappeared from Steam at the turn of the new year, it seems like it would be some sort of licensing issue on SEGA’s end.

yet Alien Isolation still rolls on…you would think a license would expire all or nothing? And AvP2010 would have expired awhile ago if it was good for “X” amount of years after release.

Most likely, I see it being a mistake on some end.
A:CM is barely two years old… doesn’t make any sense to pull it. And, even so, AvP 2010 isn’t that old… hell, there are games on Steam way older. :wink:

There has to be something going on.

It’s getting some media coverage…

Shouts out to Takhen.

yep…license issue. I would love to see how that contract is written since SEGA is still selling A:I

Don’t think its a license issue, as its not just steam. Green Man Gaming doesn’t have it, nor does Origin, or Gamefly and direct2play has it but is reporting last items in stock, makes me wonder if they have run out of keys and are waiting on more. More good news, its not available on Sega’s store either.

No big shadow conspiracy, no legal fallout. Sega’s time was just up. Don’t know how Alien Isolation works, but pretty much a non-story

Its not on green man gaming as the article says I’ve looked and if you don’t believe me have a look for yourself, its not there. Not saying its a conspiracy but its disappearing from many other digital distributors as well, including Sega. Whatever is going on its damned weird.

It was this morning when that article was written.
Bundled with it’s Season Pass.

But, since IGN’s story ran this morning… A:CM has been removed from GMG at some point during the day.

And, it’s not weird.
Licensing issues like this happen, and when they happen… the products in question don’t simply get removed from only one service, they get removed from most, if not all.

Deadpool didn’t only get pulled from STEAM, it got pulled from pretty much every place on the net. Your only chances now finding a copy on Amazon. As it’s still listed on Activision’s store, but you can’t buy it. There’s not button to add it to your cart. :slight_smile:

If something did happen with SEGA’s license with A:CM and AvP 2010, it would affect most if not all digital distributors of the titles. It would be weird if the games were only pulled from Steam, yet remained on other options.

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I’m not really sure on the logistics of the licensing process, but… Why would you release a brand-new game (A:CM at the time) knowing full-well the licence would expire in less than 2 years?!

well it was 6-8yrs late…sooooo…

Hmmm…maybe SEGA is leaving the Alien - franchise?!?

A friend of my told me yesterday, that he bought A:CM on Steam at the 31.12 for 15€ , with all DLC´s (Steam-Sale).

I think SEGA will only support Isolation for the next time, it´s almost 2 month old.

At bare minimum, Isolation will get the same amount of support as A;CM did, which is about 5-6 months worth. That puts Isolation around March, when the last DLC is due to drop. Since the game doesn’t, currently, have any world ending, wide spread bugs, and isn’t under a firestorm of having inferior graphics to its demo…No one should expect anything more from SEGA anyways. situation normal.

Now, does this mean that SEGA doesn’t get to renew that license? Who knows? maybe they do, maybe they don’t (I, personally, hope “don’t”). But, I don’t think this is affecting that many people. You had two years. If you didn’t buy this on PC when it was $10 WITH the “season pass”, you probably don’t care now either. There’s no servers to maintain, no sales, and patches have been out of the question for about 18 months. No need to keep the license going.

This makes more sense to me

Doesn’t matter anymore both games are back up on steam

Doesn’t matter anymore both games are back up on steam

For a second I thought I might have missed out on finally getting the game on PC. Great that its back on steam but the price for the season pass is still more than the game itself…

Sega doesn’t understand “sales”