No longer giving free guns for a bit

Will be giving away more gear soon once the dust settles from the level cap increase.
Good hunting.


I would like the gamma cheap tips and the gamma ogre please?

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Would love that splash annointed cryo/corosive Kybs worth and anointed dictator! Let me know if there is anything you’re looking for.
Psn is Rchris92

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I’ll send a request and take those off my list.
Already friends I’ll send them over.

Can i get the Itchy flakker with 125% more splash afte ASE

psn: deathshot1234

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Sent, enjoy.

Could i get the daisy lucky seven? PSN: Ran0414

Hi There, any chance of getting a shock Infinity? it’s andrewmarks1 on ps4

I would be interested in the cash infused redistributor (50% cryo on ase)
my psn is RHAAAALoovely

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@randy_hollander and @olivier_shady
I’ll send those over tonight, PSN Is megadethwm if you want to send a request while I’m at work.

@markswoodie I unfortunately do not have a shock infinity.

If you still have the corrosive infinity & the double penetrating devastator I’m interested. My PSN is Shempmug. Thanks!

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Took them off the list I’ll send a friend request when I get home.
PSN megadethwm

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Thanks so much! I sent you a friend request

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I’d love the Cryo CC with Iron Bear Incendiary

Psn: Loladan

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That one I’m really happy to pass on I’ll send a request when I’m off work soon.

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Hello :slight_smile:
I’d love to get the Corrosive Cutsman with 250% dmg on ASE, the Redundant FacePuncher with +50% Shock dmg on ASE and the Redundant Brainstormer with 125% dmg on ASE pleeeease :sweat_smile:

Have a lot of good stuff to trade if needed :grin:

Psn : Adrion54

thks !

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If you can send a request to megadethwm and I’ll send them over tonight after work, if not I’ll send a request when I can.

Done :wink:

Thank you for hooking me up with the Beastmaster gear. That was a totally unexpected surprise when I logged in. I really appreciate it!

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Hi, can I have the lucian’s call fire ASE 100 and shock redistributor?

psn: xxC4H10xx

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