No longer needed...LF Kybs Worth Rad and Corr

LF Kybs Worth Rad and Corr. Trading Cloning Ghast Call or

GT=DC da Harbinger

can probably just mail one to you. Im looking for a bloodletter class mod with at least 2-3 thin red line, (shield icon) and /or 2-3 desperate measures (gun icon) with bonus to grenade anything, shield capacity or health ideally. But mainly looking for the skill perks.
Also looking for big boom blaster shield with capacity/ turtle/health or any combo of those… If annointed even better… Cogs8 is GT what is yours?

My GT= DC da Harbinger. I will have to check and see if I have any of the bloodletter’s you are looking for. Didn’t keep many on-hand due to bank space.

Edit: The bloodletter I have in the bank falls way short of your request. 2 DM and 1 TRL with none of the stats you are looking for. Sorry.

id like to try that moonfire out then.

Item sent.

Ill check for ur desired items when im home

I have the kybs, in rad for sure and I think corrosive too.

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I have an annointed terror big boom blaster i can promise that

I have acquired one already. Ty though.

I’m on now, cogs8 is gt

Sure. Anything u have for trade?

Have a bunch of new stuff, with annointments too. Anything specific? Which character you looking for?

I’d love a copy of that kybsworth

Still got that annointwd big boom blaster?

Yeah. Terror dmg reduction. Around 6-7 k capacity

I def want that.


I have 2 different emp 5, what class do you main?

I play zane and amara. But i look at anything for them. What rolls/annoints?

What’s your GT? I’m on now