No Longer Needed...LF MIRV-Tacular Hex Shock or Recurring Hex Shock, list of tradeables

I have what I need, but feel free to offer trades for what you are looking for. And TY to all of the honest traders I dealt with.

For Trade:

Unending Magnificent (Anointed)
After using Phasecast, Status Effect Chance is increased by 50% for a short time.

Assault Rifle:

Engulfing Faisar (Anointed)
After ising Rakk Attack, gain 25% critical hit damage a short time.

Gatlin’ Gatling Gun (Anointed)
On Action Skill End, the next 2 magazines will have 50% additional bonus shock damage.

Venomous Barrage (Anointed)
On Action Skill End, Weapon Accuracy and Handling are greatly increased for a short time.


Cryo Stone Deathless
Mind Melt Deathless
Cauterizing Deathless


Essential Conference Call (Anointed)
On Action Skill End, Melee Damage is increased by 100% for a short time.

Burning Flakker


Storm Front - Impact
Singularity Firestorm - Impact

GT: DC da Harbinger

Ive got recurring cryo and shock. Cryo is annointed with 1 nade regen on action start.
Never seen a tacular drop, whats the difference?

They spawn 6 Mirv grenades upon contact. You open to trade those recurring for anything in the list?

Can I check out the artifacts and grenade mods?

Pics posted.

Thanks for that effort! Not too favorable. I’ll do one for the engulfing faisor though :+1:

post your GT and I will mail it to you right after this trial. The Cryo would be nice. And TY.

GT: The d3adpupp3t


I’ll trade an atom balm deathless for the elemental projector.

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Post your GT and I will mail it to you, and TY.

GT: Starfall Shadow


And sent