No longer offering out these shields

Got way too many in my bank that don’t suit my build. Not asking anything for these, but if you’re feeling nice I’ll be open to sntnl anointed shields or other zane gear sntnl anointed.
First come, first serve.
Let me know in here what you want. Makes it easier for others to tell what’s gone and saves me writing it up later.

![20200128_005953|375x500] (upload://6bXwKgsYsCwThKnlSiCDwaxYIIM.jpeg)











Be specific please in which one you want. As some are very similar. As before leave a message here first, if you directly message me on psn without doing so you’ll be at risk of missing out.
Psn ID is Wiffo83

Can i grab that turtle frozen snowhoe mate?:slight_smile:


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cheers mate, thanks alot

I am interested in the “sprint rough rider” with 200% phaseslam

What’s your psn?
Or add me wiffo83

My psn is RHAAAALoovely, I’ll add you (in approx 2h) I am not home at the moment :cry:

Np, I’ll be in bed though, will send when I get up

Thanks a lot ! :grinning:

Sent mate

I would like all stop gaps. Is it possible?

Dont you need anything?

FR sent.
If you got any good zane sntnl anointed I’ll be happy to take it if I don’t already have it.
Heart is set on radiation star helix or a marathon stop gap. Even if I don’t get them figure I can help some people out with these.

Could I pls have "The Big Short Stop-gap

PSN: Mattgamer87

Anyway to get the annoited transformer? Been looking for one. Much appreciated!
PSN A2Z423

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The stop gaps have already been given out

Yep sure thing, can’t find you under that username. Add me Wiffo83

Sorry psn is A2Z050817. Can also add you too whatever is easier. Thanks!

Sent, enjoy