No loot after missions

So i noticed that sice yesterday i do not receive any loot packages after finishing story missions. Does anyone else have this problem? And what are ways to fix it?

Did you pick packages up during your run? I’m not sure but if you don’t pick dropped Loot Packs you won’t get any after a mission. You or someone else in your team needs to pick them up

I’ve killed ISIC several times where nothing at all dropped.

I / my team collect the packs and afterwards they are gone when i want to open them.

Bad RNG ?

But after the mission at the result screen you see them besides the other gear that dropped?

Okay thats a problem

The gear you pick up from the missions are auto opened at the end of the games results page. There are no packs you get in missions that you will have to open yourself.

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So if I have Lootpacks to unpack after a mission I get those from Challenges that I completed during the run?

Either from challenges or character rank ups, anything you pick up in the chests or from bosses are all opened at the end of the mission.

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