No loot for PvP?

Honest question; why doesn’t loot drop in PvP?

It should.

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To encourage you to play story.

You do get credits for PvP and you can spend those on loot packs.

From what I remember in the beta, PvP dropped a decent amount more of credits than PvE did. Now that may have changed going into the full release, but It could be that the intent is for players to purchase the loot packs they’re looking for.

It’s a tad bit one sided. Story gives you free loot and packs, money, and more experience.

PvP may give a little more money but not by much, and considerably less experience, along with no loot or loot packs.

For a game that’s “For every kind of bad@ss” it’s really not lol.

I think they need to make ranked tiers, they do like season rewards for PVP or something. I dunno im going to subway for a sandwich.

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Soon there will be the best loot farming guide and secret stash announcement and we will all flock to one single player map :wink:

People will play PvP over and over cause each match is a new experience. After a certain point, Story missions are not a new experience, so in order to keep numbers up in story mode they incentivize play in that mode. I can see how it might feel like a raw deal to someone who only wants to do PvP, but it was a smart design decision.

Well I didn’t JUST want PvP or else I would have only bought Overwatch lol, I’m just disappointed in how the story modes play out. To me the story should tell a story and it doesn’t have to be difficult or have strange objectives. It just needs to tell me a REALLY good story. And when I lose because the game is not balanced for single player, then it’s just rather frustrating.

They definitely aren’t very forgiving, but they aren’t outside the realm of being able to be fixed with some balance changes, so I hold out some hope that this will happen as people play and GBX collects data (the first 2 episodes that were available in Beta are fairly well balanced, minus the melee vs ISIC issue.)

Well and they are even better now with the new jump pad adjustments.

Still don’t know why people have to go and explore prior to those pads and can’t just stand on it and get it over with!

PvP is the sun around which this game orbits as evidenced by EVERY balance change is for PvP. PvP needs to drop loot due to this fact.

Balance changes pretty much only happen in PvP games in general because NPCs don’t quit playing the game if they get face-rolled by unfair mechanics.

Fact is they restricted loot drops to PvE to incentivize play in that mode and I don’t see that changing, especially considering the 5 DLC story missions yet to drop.

I’m slowly reaching the conclusion that PvP and PvE combined games always produce a sour mix in which PvE is the child you don’t like so you make him live in a closet under the stairs. There is absolutely 0 regard for PvE when they nerf things. These nerfs have taken PvE from ‘meh’ to borderline not fun. And then we’re basically forced to PvE if we want more than 1 chance at loot per day.

PvE is sucking because Nerfs.
PvP is sucking because No Loot.

Still gonna play the game, but it is what it is.