No love for platforms

Is there anything that can be done to make platforms a little more viable than they are? Maybe increasing their armor, and (to avoid spamming them early) making them require the advanced research module?

Hmm, could you elaborate on their weaknesses? I’ve been in a lot of games where myself of some other players use plats. In many cases, they can be overpowered and almost unstoppable, which is the opposite of what I though of them initially.

I think the build time should drop for them, or the module build time increased. Right now, if someone drops a few gun platforms, and the opposing player wipes out the subsystem, they can pump more out in what seems like no time.

In classic, I was trying a concept called EDP - Early Defense Platform - that you can find in a small mod called RAID LEADER in moddb:

  • It would parade 10Kms away from its production ship;
  • Based in the HGN Gun platform, it was using a single canon on top side;
  • combining MS and the carrier it would create a perimeter around them, with 4 points;
  • I haven’t increased the range, but it would be necessary;
  • The idea was to either HOLD the incoming attackers for a while or if the player decides to bypass, to make damage on the attacking force
  • I don’t remember stats, but it would cost half of the current gun platform and would be done in half time period;
  • I think it was necessary a corvette module to start its production, don’t remember now.
Source Doberman ED platforms

Nobody ever used plats in the past and now since they have some viability, people want to nerf them?

No thanks, I think they are fine now and can serve as a good counter to HW1 swarms, unless someone can convince me otherwise.

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Plats got severely nerfed in HW2C’s 1.1 patch.

I’m not sure they were ever improved in HWRM.

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Who wants to nerf them?

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I tried platforms a long time ago, they’re useless. Good if you just need a quick stop-gap defence while you get the main battle group to the location, but don’t expect them to last that long against anything. The Ion Platform sucks for targeting and mostly misses the target.

well, the thing with plats, is that they are mainly used for defensive purpose till ur main fleet can get built up. the gun plats are good against fighters but 5-6 of them shouldnt wipe out an overwhelming fighter force, maybe 10-12 should, and with ion plats, they have the same range as a bc and practically snipe everything, the vaygr msl plats hit almost as hard as hmf… the way plats are now are perfectly fine to be honest, for hw2, its a great counter to hw1 swarm rush till u can get vettes or frigs out :stuck_out_tongue:

Plats were practically never used in HW2 multiplayer after the 1.1 patch, which is why I think they are too weak.

If the problem has to do with them being too powerful in the early game, then make it so that you can’t get them until later.

Well, 1.1 was like over ten years ago.

The consensus with most people is that they are fine now in 2.1.

Have you seen anyone use them in multiplayer?

I use them when I need a quick counter to a hw1 player that wants to swarm my running ops. Build a mod, build like 6 to 8 gun plans, retire mod.

That couple with a refinery and maybe a carrier with a fire control mod and it is very effective.