No Love in Ops Missions?

So, by my count, of the 30 Battleborn, 21 have “featured” or speaking roles in the Ops missions.
Anyone wonder why Benedict, Caldarius, El Dragon, Ernest, Galilea, Ghalt, Kid Ultra, Kleese, Marquis, Melka, and Orendi didn’t get any involvement in them? I think it would’ve been relatively simple to write some of them into the stories.
Just a thought. What are your opinions?

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i bet it was just that they didn’t think of that as a problem to fix, that’s all

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I’m wondering if it may have been a complication with the voice talent, too.
Not a big gripe, I’m just wondering. I feel like Attikus was one of the less popular characters and he got an Ops mission, so I wonder if they were initially planning them to promote the less popular characters. (But, obviously, Toby and Oscar Mike proved me wrong there).


  • Benedict: He’s too busy being a jerk to others. No time for story telling left.
  • Caldarius: He had a whole non DLC story mission for him alone and it also is said that he only trusts his personal data recorder and doesn’t talk to others unless his life depends on it.
  • El Dragon: He is still sobbing into his Tequila and thinks about what has happend to him that he lost all his strength.
  • Galilea: Which of her personalities should tell a story? Also Alani is stalking her day and night and she can’t stop anywhere to talk to others.
  • Ghalt: Already a big part in the main story and he is too busy signing autographs as the hero who saved the universe single-handedly (most of them just for himself).
  • Kid Ultra: Too busy writing and drawing his very own comic book version of the story.
  • Kleese: Nova has assured him that she will airlock him when he starts telling stories again and not work on her mech suit instead.
  • Marquis: Do you really think he’s talking to anyone on the ship? The only ones who have enough style for him are his owls and he can communicate speechless with them.
  • Orendi: She found a new hobby. She builds artwork out of robot parts and intestines of Varelsi. The other crewmembers don’t want to go near her anymore (especially Toby).

Not a bad HC.
But Benny, Caldy, Gals, and Ghalt could easily fit into the Battle School narrative.
Kleese, KU, and Marquis have STRONG connections to Phoebe.
And I’m sure we could shoehorn ED and Orendi in there somewhere.

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I loved those hidden bits in story missions (e.g., Voids Edge) and it would be nice if we could get something like that in Ops too.

Voice acting can be expensive though and I think this might be the reason :frowning:

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Wow… I suck.
I forgot about Ernest and Melka. >.>
Ernest could be in OMBS and Melka in Phoebe HoE.

Also, the only person who was in the Ops missions who voiced one of the characters I mentioned was Colleen Clinkenbeard. She voiced both Nova and Galilea.

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To continue my list above:

  • Mellka is sitting next to El Dragon and doing the same as him (But she has Scotch instead of Tequila).
  • Ernest doesn’t have time to talk. Foot drill, yell at Oscar Mike, foot drill, yell at Montana, foot drill, yell at Alani to leave Galilea in peace, weapon training, … A soldier has no time for talking!

There were plans for more then 5


Mellka got the prologue, though.

Probably just comes down to the story as written, and who’s going to fit into it. The final story op was brilliant for tying story and story ops together, and I loved the fact that they brought in both Miko and Kelvin. Also, Rath is well-named (do NOT stir up the wrath of Rath!).


Everyone yell it with me now:

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Imagine how cool of a DLC this would have been though… Battleborn in a comic adventure. Fight evil kid ultra and his pre-nerf Bolas.

Actually, nevermind.


Voice actor contract restrictions?

Come on Gearbox. Give us the El Dragon Op no one except for me has been asking for!

Caldarius, Ghalt, Kleese, mellka got their own missions. Well, not kleese and Ghalt really, but they narrated the missions and stuff…

Benny… I dunno, I kinda would have liked him in Battleschool, but not really. Because then you’d ruin the whole clone theme.

I vaguely recall a dev mention that most of the voice actors they use are in Texas with them but Orendi’s voice actor is in a different state so there’s some logistical difficulties there. I’d guess she would’ve been in Toby’s Friendship Raid otherwise. The rest of the cast either got a lot of voice time during the main story or there just wasn’t a lot of room for them in the Ops. They had one voice actor do the entirety of the Battle School otherwise I guess you could’ve make a case for having some of the UPR in there. Probably could’ve put KU and/or Marquis in the Heart of Ekkunar although if I recall correctly KU didn’t even get a line in The Void’s Edge so I imagine it has something to do with the voice actor’s availability again and honestly I thought HoE was really well done so I wouldn’t change a thing anyway.

Well, Caldarius got as much as Boldur and Boldur got a lot of some in M&TDB.

True, but even so, you don’t need to be physically present to record lines.

Yeah I forgot about that.