No Lua enhancements? looks like lua 4.0 in the dll

Did some digging and it looks like the lua version is 4 like the original HW2. So unless there is another override for the dll, we will still have to deal with lua 4 syntax and weirdness. Don’t know if new hooks are in?


In some ways this is good news because scripts written for HW2 will have a better chance of working without major changes…

The main issue is that lua 4 has weird syntax and is not well know or documented. Honestly I would rather rewrite/refactor some old code (since the logic will be there) than try to work around missing language elements has always met my needs, though there are a few gotchyas that aren’t obvious at first. The bigger issue than documentation in my mind is that any assistance or existing libraries you might find out there are going to be for Lua 5… I was met with bemusement when I sought out Lua4 help when I was first starting to seriously work on modding, and that was five years ago or more. I can only imagine it’s worse now.