No lvl 20 skins

Just got some characters to 20 and seems there is no skin :(. Anyone else hoping there was?

I don’t think we were ever told there would be new skins at CHAR 20. Given the previous rewards for leveling up each character, I understand your expectations but I am really quite certain we were told (somewhere, not entirely sure where though) exactly what rewards we would be getting for leveling up the characters for the new five ranks, and I don’t think new skins were listed. Sorry :confused:


We were told it was just a title (maybe a pack, I forget). So no, not really

You would have been able to tell if there was a new skin before you hit MR20, because it would have been locked under the “appearance” tab for the Battleborn in question; just like with the MR15 skins.

Certainly would have been nice though…

Wishful thinking on my side really.

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Wishful thinking is what keeps us all from going postal, haha! Well… Morality for some (most), i suppose. So don’t feel bad, dude. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m still going to get everyone to 20 either way hehe