No main menu? Just two games on X1?

So I bought THC on Xbone last night right before it went live. I saw the IGN review and they said there was some main menu in the game where you can pick which game you want to play. However, this morning I go see if the download/install is finished and I just have two games (BL2, TPS) instead of “The Handsome Collection”. Is that how it was supposed to be instead of having a “THC” icon to start?

It’s like that on mine as well when I booted it up. It is probably like that for the physical copy of the game.

Yeah, collections usually do this.

For example the physical copy of the MGS collection has a menu with a choice between 3 games, while the digital version is 3 seperate downloads.

All your likely missing is probably some cool artwork and or music.

Having borrowed a physical copy and later bought a digital copy of the Team Ico collection, the beautiful art and music when choosing games is way worth if they cost the same. (I payed $7 for digital though, so yeah) I doubt borderlandis that cool though.

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When you guys go into your character inventory, does it get all choppy?


I don’t have THC (hehehe), I’m just guessing from experience why some people say there’s a menu and some saying there isn’t.

I also bought digital, I assumed the menu interface was because both games are on a disc on the physical version.

There would be no need for it on the digital versions since it’s sold as a bundle (explaining why they’re listed as two games on the dashboard).

I have the disc. There is no unified main menu. Two separate games.

So when you put the disc in there 2 icons on your console main menu?

It has the handsome jack icon on the disc button. When you select it the disc menu opens up. You have a choice of BL2 or The Prequel.

Yeah thats what we were talking about, digital version is just 2 seperate files.

Some collections have cool menus when you put the disc and choose which game to launch.