No matchmaking, and private matches

Been getting this all day, my internet is great and able to play online matches on other games.
This is why you need challenges in private matches…other games like gears of war allow challenges even in offline, yes they have certain one you need that requires online but seriously, atleast make passive challenges available like play x times on maps also pointing out that is very difficult for the part of voting…80 % of the time everyone chooses paradise…also allowing lores would be great. Futhermore the ammount of surrendering is overused, its hard to have a proper match. Atleast against bots you know they wont surrender and you wont have to rely on team mates as much and the stomps of galliea and miko fusion plus marquis sniping at the sentries for easy win in incursions… I have ideas for these below…

To enable challenges and lore in private matches the player must set default to
Unique characters on
Bots on teams to full

Also buff up the ai to do well almost challenging themselves and not just run around gather shards.

As for the map rotation instead of votes have the maps play in rotation, since there will be new maps there will be more variation making it possible for challenges like play and win x times on specific maps.

For the surrenders make it only able to surrender after 30 minutes and /or once the surrenders teams first sentry has been destroyed in incursions and for meltdown once the enemy team has passed through 250 bots and 30 minutes hass passed.

As for marguis head glitch sniping on the poduim from their sentry to ours, maybe move the sentry behind cover more or scale them smaller so they cant be hit with that cheap move.

The game will surely die and if private matches challenges and lore arent implemented then people like me who love the game to bits wont be able to complete it fully…im lvl 99 and completed 5 characters lores but eventually I wont be able to if the game dies down