No matchmaking for hardcore/advanced? You've got to be kidding me?

This is ridiculous. There’s not even an in-game lobby to find groups.

Is this seriously a joke?

This has to be a joke…

Matchmaking for advanced is coming soon…

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Personally I would like to hear news on the match making being changed to you choosing what mission you want to do, then being put into a match making for that specific mission.

The current set up is honestly terrible. There’s absolutely no reason for it to be random missions, especially missions that you haven’t unlocked yet.

I know you can choose what mission you want specifically by getting together with friends and inviting them to a private game, but you should be able to choose what mission you want specifically in public match making.

I will never understand how GB thought public story’s current setup was a good idea.

There is a reason for the system they have, it’s called “shorter queue time”. Spreading the players amongst (currently) 3 PvP matches, 8+ Story Missions, AND between 2-4 different difficulty settings? That sounds nightmarish when it comes to queue times. Those queue times will just get worse and worse as more modes, and more story missions, are released with a system of “freedom to choose”.

You’re better off making friends and getting a group to do private advance(hardcore) missions.

That’s just my opinion though.

I wouldn’t mind a system where you pick 1-2 missions you DON’T want to queue for BEFORE you do matchmaking…(that way I can eliminate The Saboteur and The Archive preemptively when I’m not feeling like getting frustrated. lol)

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Rabid_explosions said exactly what I was about to type.