No material version of borderlands 3 super deluxe (Computer)

Hell’o, why Borderlands 3 super deluxe are not available as material version on computer ?
we can only have “super deluxe” (digital) on epic game store and 2k game store.
And why the price are so expensive (100€ its more than ps4 version, who have blu-ray disc as excuse) its a digital version so no packaging no disc no jacket to produce, logically the digital version should be cheaper, why this is not the case ?

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Because reasons! Welcome to digital distribution.

Well digital distribution sucks

Seriously the epic store exclusivity was already boring, but now when i see the price for a “digital” version that give me the impression that they are trying to ■■■■ the pc community.

It has nothing to do with EGS per se.


However, it’s the “new normal”. It’s also becoming apparent that distribution platforms are all trying to promote a “games as service” subscription model - look at XBox Game Pass (which XBL Gold is being merged into), the PS equivalent, Stadia, etc…

So not really to do with EGS - they’re just one of the new kids on the digital block, as it were.

On the other hand with digital pre-orders if you’re one of the night owls you get your new game at midnight if not earlier while the physical copy people have to wait on a delivery or store to open. ;3

With physical version you can play before the release date.

I remember that the publisher had defended the sale on “epic game store”, because seeing that “epic” took only 12% they would earn more with the sales and that consequently the games would be less expensive for the players, as I underline this is not the case, these companies sound like politicians, they make promises they do not care about.

(I speak of “publisher” not “dev”)

Not if you have to pick it up from the store! (My local game store has hosted several ‘Midnight Release’ parties in the past; I don’t expect to see too many of those again)

The word you’re looking for is publisher

Yep corrected thanx

Only if the store or courier is able to provide it early. Then you still have to install and patch the game before play. With digital pre-orders the game can be pre-loaded and patched so its immediately playable when the switch is flipped. Also in some cases in the past digital pre-orders were technically playable early depending on what time zone you lived in.

So GAME could scam us Diamond Loot Chest Buyers