No matter what, NEVER GIVE UP!

This goes out to all the rage quitters and surrenders who never stick it out. The big deal of any competitive game is to never give up despite how bleak a situation looks!

This clip is of me and my bro doing a 4v5 with two other randoms in our team. We took player chat off (ps4) so me and him could communicate with the group. After playing defense for about 15 minutes the enemy team finally did a big push and damaged our turret passed the number we already did to theirs. Within the last 30 seconds we decided to go all out with a big push of our own to try and secure a victory instead of just giving up, AND IT RESULTED IN THE VICTORY!

Please excuse my yelling on certain parts as I was hype for what we did. Just goes to show you that despite all odds IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU LOST UNTIL YOU LOST! Enjoy everyone :slight_smile:


If my team of randoms is getting crushed 200-8 in meltdown, you can bet your ass I’m gonna hit that surrender button. There are games that aren’t worth finishing.

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So much for the positive message lmao

Lol, but yeah, Unless we’ve been totally dominated and my team is either useless or rage disconnected i’ll stick around even if losing is imminent.
I don’t mind surrendering, but honestly I dislike when the enemy does it and theres still 20 minutes left because we destroyed their first sentry.
I also dislike when my own team surrenders when it still has potential.

I also dislike when my own team surrenders when it still has potential.

This is what I meant by the post.


That was an awesome play! My only criticism is that in those dying seconds you focussed on trying to stay alive… the moment that sentry went down I would have taunted like a mofo lol would have died but it would have been worth it

The average chance of winning 4v5 is extremely low in games that require teamwork and thus full teams. Our team comp was solid enough (and not to toot my own horn, I’m a damn good Oscar Mike) that we managed to take their sentry and then hold what was left of ours until the timer was up. I won a 4v5 by the skin of our teeth (67/50), but I wouldn’t use that as proof that determination will always win a match.

In this situation, I would call surrender, and will continue to do so. Just because I got lucky doesn’t mean I will always be lucky and I don’t like wasting 20+ minutes getting stomped.