No miko skin for purchase?

That’s a little sad to be honest. Sure there are others but that i may purchase but why was a miko skin not included. 25 new purchase able skins but sadly miko is not one of them.

The Devs said it needs some last-minute tweaks, so Mikos skin will be released a bit later :slight_smile:

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Miko is the main character I use and I don’t get why he was the ONLY battleborn not to get a skin. Hopefully he gets one soon.

Well the above post answers that :slight_smile:

Any idea of a timeframe? Next week maybe?

Good question, as I remember Joe said “hours” , but it could be 1-3 days.
I´m quiet excited for it, I love Miko alot^^

Ya was really looking forward to that skin for Miko. Guess it’s back to using the starter skin (master of Miko but I like fooling people into thinking I just started playing him haha!!!)

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