No Modifiers option in Mayhem Mode

Most of the Modifiers in Mayhem Mode are annoying. It’s annoying to have to re-roll over and over just to get the ones that annoy you the least, and even then you usually choose the ones that influence the game the least.

I just don’t understand why Gearbox won’t give us a Mayhem mode that doesn’t have modifiers at all. Just beef up the enemies and move from there. It’d be fun, at least for testing purposes.

Or if we must play with modifiers I can’t understand why we have to choose them by random. Like why bother giving us a re-roll feature if you know we’re just going to re-roll till we get the combo we want, which is usually the modifiers that are the least annoying. Why not just remove the nuance and allow us to choose the modifiers?


Give Mayhem mode a “no modifiers” option. If that has to restrict what loot drops so be it. At least this would give people who already have the loot they want a way to play the game normally. This way they can test their character without modifiers like 75% less crit or Damage Immunity making their play experience less fun. Then they can return to the original Mayhem Mode when it’s time to farm again or when they want to get a little whacky.

Secondary Solution:

Allow us to choose the modifiers. Why do we have a re-roll feature? You gave us the re-roll feature so we can roll on the modifiers we want. But wouldn’t a simpler solution would be to just remove the randomness and allow us to choose the modifiers? Not like we get any extra bonuses for keeping it random or anything. Honestly, the only function the random rolling in Mayhem Mode has is to frustrate the player.

We’ve been asking for gearbox to address this for a year and they given no response. The least they could do is tell us why they won’t give us a no modifiers option.


yup, on of the dumbest decisions they made…

One of many dumbest decisions , wait 1 month and hope for this change

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