No more bloody harvest for me after the update

Used to be able to barely squeak by with the Haunt fight. Now with the buffs they added to him I don’t even make it past a quarter of his shield. To make it worse when I get knocked down there are no enemies in the first phase to get a second wind. IB is useless and literally does nothing in the fight (as usual since moze is completely broken). I would understand the buff if he couldn’t recharge. But this is a tad ridiculous. I get him a quarter down, he recharges . I have never loved a game so much to have it turn into the most frustrating game I own. These types of updates are ruining an otherwise great game. At least fix moze and IB if you plan to make the haunt fight basically unbeatable on a solo.

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What build are you using?

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…and what’s your best shock weapon?

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I use a shock Cutsman on his shield. Sometimes I use the Fearmonger since mine dropped with the shock element. works very well.

Give Bear the railgun (since no matter what skills you have that’s an option) and he’ll help burn that shield down and not be “useless”.

And most important, what difficulty are you playing. He is still very easy to beat, even on M3.


It’s mostly about the weapons used.
But yes, the fight IS much harder now.
With no-annoited/terror normal legendary weapons it’s for me a tough but still enjoyable fight nevertheless (playing M2).
As someone already suggested, have one big splash weapon to shoot at the orbs on the roof to get a second Wind, a good 'ol Torgue Rocket launcher is always welcomed here, especially also against Haunt.
The purple Torgue Quiquie will make short work with that Haunt without Shields.
5 stickied Shots (one Mag size) and at reloading he gets into next immune-phase.
Against the Shield a Dahl Shock-AAA can still bring that Shield down fast (best Shock Anti-Shield Weapon I have found, no Westergun, Cutsman, shotti comes even close).
Haunt isn’t the problem.
For me it’s the Magma puddles all over the place and these 12+ Maliwans that I have to take care of very fast…
Always on the run without time to line up critical shots… that can make the fight longer than I would want.
But I’m happy I have beaten him now 25 times. Enough of him.

Yeah, dodging these is frankly the hardest part of this boss for me. The weakest shock weapon I ever went at him with was a Queen’s Call. It worked, but I was running around more than normal.

I know before the update he was really really easy. I used a shock westetgun on his shields. And a whatever element I had at the time boring gun. He went down super quick. I’m sure it would work again

He shouldn’t even have a shield other than the one he gets for the ill-conceived invulnerability phases. And that shield should only be able to protect him.

Why not? All Traunt’s have shields and he is a Traunt. I don’t find the new shield value to be very much tougher then the old one personally. It’s taking me maybe 2 more seconds to delete it. Use shock weapons, that’s pretty much all you need to beat a Traunt. Cutsman, shock Rowans Call, Shocking AAA, Thunderball Fists are some good options, in that order of effectiveness. The best part is, he’s actually vulnerable to shock, so you don’t even need to swap out for his red bar.

As far as ill-conceived. It’s one of the only decent uses of invuln phases in the game as it’s piss easy to disable it by shooting the pylons.

Another good thing about this fight that I want to mention is Second-Winds are basically free here, look up and 1-shot a skull and you are back in the fight.

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I used the Hyper Hydrator once. :laughing:

I use an Atlas ar with a double accessory. It deals like 800x2 damage with around 4 something rof. It’s called Affordable Q-System. The thing shreds mobs like crazy. I use fade away with Rowans Call and it brings the shield down pretty fast. Then I could use the Flakker but Q-System Atlas melts the boss even faster

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Yea the Q-system is one of the strongest guns in the game, and fairly easy to get an anointed one from Earl’s vending machine. Definitely a good option.

The thing acts like an ar or a sniper rifle. Great all around weapon

Yep very very good. I personally find it to be a boring weapon, just in the way it shoots and sounds etc. But I would 100% recommend it to anyone having problems clearing anything.

A double accessory one with elements would probably destroy Lyuda

And the invulnerability phase is a shield. Shield covered. Doesn’t need two. The extra shield is an unnecessary annoyance.

It’s ill-conceived because the pylons take too many shots to kill (yes, I’m sure you melt them with a glance, Superman, but when you’re suggesting people use a list of legendaries to solve a problem as if everyone has all of the things it’s a safe bet that your perspective is a wee bit skewed), the adds make it even more annoying, and Haunt can make them invulnerable.

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A purple weapon that does the job very well has been suggested. Q-system, get it from Earl’s vendor. Get the best purple shock weapon you can find for his shield if that’s all you have. Go do the Private Beans quest in Athenas and get yourself a Westergun with shock/rad for his shield. There are tons of options.

The invulnerability is not a shield, it’s an invulnerability. His shield charges during that time, from the souls the pylons are feeding him. Which is a pretty neat fight mechanic if you ask me. A lot better then say Tyrene who just flies around unhittable during hers. If you do kill them fast enough he won’t even get shields.

I can’t imagine the pylons taking very long to kill but whatever that is what it is. Any automatic weapon should take care of those(shoot the blue ball part of it for critical hits), Q-system again would be great for that too. Again, find it at Earl’s vending machine or from gungun if you have that. It sounds like you aren’t on level, or aren’t using a very synergistic build or aren’t choosing the right weapons for the job, or are just using very under-performing weapons.

I’m of the mind of looking for solutions rather then complaints but I guess that’s just my skewed perspective of not wanting everything handed to me for free. It would be a lot easier to help you out if you talked a bit about how you are trying to go about this fight with what build and what weapons. But you don’t seem to want answers judging by the tone you took with me when I’m just trying to help you succeed.

You are being quite rude to me in your tone, but I’ll just leave it at that. I’m still willing to offer advice anyways.

If you can get a purple/legendary snowdrift (they drop from GW a lot), that will help a lot with the adds it’s pretty important to keep mobile in that fight especially during the pylon phases.

Any torgue sticky with a nice mag size (blue or purple) would probably be another great choice to deal with the fight.

Do not waste any time or effort trying to kill the adds, you want to move around the arena as much as possible and just avoid them. Do not stand still or they will shred you.

Hell if you are on PC I’m even willing to add you to my game and carry you through all 25 kills.

I didn’t even know you could damage anything but the blue balls…

Also as they have yellow health bars use corrosive to eliminate them quickly =)

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