No more "Loss by First Blood" please

It used to be that, if there were a tiebreaker situation, the game would look at overall score; how many kills, deaths, assists, etc, each team would have to determine who is the winner.

But “loss by first blood” is so mind-bogglingly stupid that it makes my brain hurt. Why can’t the scores of death, assists, kills, etc = who wins the game?

This system needs to be simplified and in such a way that it doesn’t nitpick at the match to determine a winner. What next, “loss by the person who got to the shock turret last”? It really is the most disappointing thing ever - and most time, the other team don’t deserve the victory!

If you’re in a match and your team has an overall score of 30 kills, 5 deaths, so-many assists, compared to the other team who are 10/25, shouldn’t WE win and not them? After all, we destroyed them in ways that are unimaginable and yet THEY get the overall victory? Get the hell outta here.


Haven’t started reading topic yet but I agree(because I think I remember your psn) I agree that when you smoke a team with an ultra toxic player on there side that you should get the victory sign based on categories won and not who lucked out at getting a kill when everybody was level 1


Uh, no, sorry.

The numbers you just mentioned demonstrate that you were busy farming kills off of a team so much less skilled than you that they barely got one third of your kills and 5 or 6 times your deaths, while that same team (or the lack of objective pushing by your own team) also managed to keep you from doing either A - any damage to their first Sentry at all, or B - any damage to their second Sentry after you had both destroyed each other’s Sentries, meanwhile staying damn near equal across the board in the other stats.

Nice defence, team with only 10 kills!

(By the way, this is Flyux on PSN, right? Nothing personal, old friend! If this is NOT Flyux, I retract the “nothing personal, old friend”)


It doesn’t matter if they team with less deaths played better defense chances are they were on defense most the game and only got the objective score they did because of one single push. Overall score isn’t a perfect system either but it is better than number of stats won or first blood.

If there was an in game counter that properly determined “territory held” or time on offense than I’d say that it should be the tiebreaker but there isn’t to my knowledge so we get what we have. This would be for Incursion of course.


Should of destroyed them in imaginable ways. Try to imagine a dead sentry or a live finale bot appeasing MINREC.


They need to fix the current tie breaker glitch first, the one where healing given trumps all other stats.


That bug doesn’t quite work like that to the best of my knowledge. But @scottv confirmed that it will be fixed in the next update.

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id like that. if they could measure where the minion collide line was each wave, that could be averaged to see who made overall progress that match.


What is this? Healing Given is a form of providing life and sustianment thus should always be the all-determining status in battle.

Thank you,

I disagree wholeheartedly. Yes that team should’ve pushed harder to try and get more sentry damage given the kill disparity, I don’t think that should equate to a loss when they clearly had control the entire game.


Fair point.

Interesting that you bring this up as we had a feature early in development that worked similarly to this and was visible in the minimap during play.


I don’t s’pose you guys have that build lying around somewhere? I feel like a lot less people would be vocal about losing the tiebreaker if the tie breaker was visible on the map/screen, in addition to it being (hopefully) a palpable victory/loss.

Although I’m sure some folks would like to toggle the visibility of that off too.


Oh I have lots of awesome old builds lying around :slight_smile: But, to clarify it was a system we used to convey other information to the player. It wasn’t used specifically to break ties.


I know in a previous post or tweet or twitter comment you said the tiebreaker bug was fixed in the upcoming patch which leads me to believe you’ll be sticking with number of stats won a least for Incursion. So my question is which stats specifically count towards this? I’ve heard it’s only the ones shown immediately on screen but with all the bug nonsense it was hard to tell if that was indeed the intention.


Piggybacking off of this question - @scottv if you’re sticking with stats won instead of reverting to score, why? One of the frustrating things about the tiebreaker change was that I never felt we got a particularly clear explanation on the purpose of it. What exactly is the Gearbox stance on what the basis of the tiebreaker should be? In my opinion, the tiebreaker should award the victory to the team that was most in control of the match. Admittedly that’s not always simple to quantify and I wont pretend it was perfect, but in my opinion score told that story a lot better than number of stats won. There’s too many question marks with the stat categories imo. You can dominate a match without quality or even any healing (which frankly is an added challenge for your team and I don’t see a reason to be penalized a second time for it after already having a more challenging match because of it), sentry kills is basically a coin flip (although I believe it was already mentioned that’s being removed), and there’s valid arguments as to why damage taken could be seen as either a positive or a negative. I can’t recall ever feeling like score granted me a win my team didn’t deserve or that score granted me a loss my team didn’t deserve. I’ve felt that way a bunch of times since the tiebreaker change.

On another note (and more relevant to the initial topic) - in the instances where the initial tiebreaker is tied, wouldn’t first sentry kill (if applicable) be a better tiebreaker than first blood? The team that got the sentry down first did it without the advantage of prolonged respawn timers so I think it’d make more sense to reward that than to reward a generally meaningless first kill.


I can confirm that the Healing Received bug solely determining tie breaker as of a week and a half ago is still alive and kicking. Saw it on the reddit on an xbox playthrough

I should have specified it’s fixed in the upcoming patch, will edit.

How about we change the tie-breaker to “sexiest flippers”, you guys?

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But if we do that, Ernest will win every time. :frowning:

Ernest is OP enough as it is