No more OW comparisons, now Paladins comparisons instead!

Boy, even the music for that trailer sounded like the Overwatch theme.

Sorry to judge a book by its cover, but combined with what I heard about this game tweaking its TTK to be much shorter from what it was in the alpha stage, it sounds very much like Hi-Rez has decided to go the “can’t beat 'em, join 'em” route with their MOBA hero shooter in regards to the not-MOBA hero shooter Overwatch.

Best of luck to them, I guess. I didn’t find Overwatch all that appealing on principle of the fact that I already played TF2 for years and wasn’t looking for another twitch team shooter, so I certainly don’t need to play the video game equivalent of an off brand soda.

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Basically Overwatch is Coke and Paladin is RC


Whiskey is great without using mutations, can’t say for attikus don’t play him

Comedy Gold ™:


Apples and oranges

Paladins is a game, BB is a rotten carcass

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From the rules thread

Let’s focus on the last line, Please try to avoid hyperbole and exaggeration.

Paladins is pretty decent, and free. I’m kinda waiting for gigantic tho.

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(I don’t get why peoples who hate a game post on their forums, but hey, i’m out.)


Yeah, but you have to admit, his are great

Napalm and killer regen yeah, but even then killer regen has no point when you have a healer on the team and napalm has two great choices to compete with

Attikus has terrible mutations. None of them are helpful at all.

Just installed it, was fast, played for 10 mins, back to BB now.

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Character side, it looks like a mix of BB and OW really. Why not.
But OMG at 0:27. Is that Urukiaga’s ancestor or something? x) I want a Urukiaga skin for that dude. Then i’m sold.

Also, why are peoples comparing the playerbase number for a FTP that just opened its beta to public and a game you have to pay for and has been released for several months? The numbers for Paladins are actually quite small compared to the beta of BB, AFAIK.

The character I played in it was a lot like Thorn but I didn’t get the sense that you were actually drawing the bow.

Did at least have interesting characters and gameplay

Let me tell you guys about the most amazing game:

The graphics are so detailed and lifelike you’d swear they were real. Nary a graphical glitch, anomaly or distortion to be seen.

A vast and immersive open world environment. Virtually endless exploration limited only by your imagination.

Massively multiplayer, with a huge amount of other users on at any given time. Some will be friends, others enemies, lovers, you never know. Limitless interaction options.

Advanced interactive movement system, feels just like you are experiencing the world with your own body.

Multiple in game currencies and economies, near infinite customization, attire, professions, and weaponry options.

Amazing customizable multiple genre soundtrack.

The name of this amazing game?



Paladins looks…ok, I guess. Since it’s FTP I might check it out a bit. However (from what I could tell), no PvE and no dedicated melee characters made me much less interested.

Arguable. Some swear by the Invigorating Pounce and Charge Efficiency. His other choices aren’t amazing, but do offer different playstyles, which is the intended purpose of mutations

Yes on the latter so much. Seriously, this is ridiculous. Ofc ftps always start out with higher numbers. People drop them later on as there not wasting money by not playing it