No More Team Revivals/Lives is Annoying

I think this revival system needs to be changed, but I’m sorry I just spent 20 minuted watching 1 person play through the story and he came across no more revival pick-ups. Saying that, I’m pretty sure he picked at least 1 up from a crate and nothing happened.

Me and my teammate were being punished by poor players. I literally didn’t die in my mission until the end of the Geoff fight, at by that time 2 other players had used all the revives and no one revived me. This left one guy to play through the rest of the mission while I sat there and watched. I finally decided to quit, thus not taking away anything I’d just worked towards for the last 30 minutes.

Even when he found new respawn looking sections or new checkpoints, I thought we’d be brought back to life but nope. I think this system needs to be looked at because good players playing with randoms are getting punished because someone playing as Orendi thinks they’re a tank all the time!

Either give us unlimited lives but a respawn time until we can rejoin, or make the items for new lives more available.


+1 to respawn time. Leaves room for other upgrades! :slight_smile:

I agree with this. This should get looked at and adjusted.

I don’t see how this is a problem. You have a short period of time after someone dies to res people where it doesn’t consume a life. I just tested it to confirm, life total stayed at 5 after 3 res.

Unless people are constantly overextending you should never run out (me and my friends constantly end levels with 10+).

Yeah but you’re playing with friends which is completely different than playing with randoms or people who don’t know what they’re doing. The randoms I played with, all just revived themselves without realising we had a counter.

Also, not everyone can always be revived, depending on their location or what’s going on around them. Which is ok, and maybe a sacrifice you have to make because they’ve decided to be a hero or it’s just too crowded. I just hate the fact that when you run out of revives, you’re literally stuck in limbo and not enjoying the game.

I sat here doing nothing for 20 minutes because idiots didn’t use the revives correctly and let us revive them. Meaning when they did die from stupid mistakes and we couldn’t get to them. It ruined it for everyone. I think that the revives should be more available but not that you end up with 20 from doing nothing. Or you get revived if you hit a new checkpoint.

Recive on checkpoint seems like a good idea.

And sad that your randoms are being like that. When i go public by myself my teams are generally pretty good about giving eachither time to res. Even the gungho types that get themselves murdered every two minutes by sitting in the middle of a mob.

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I’ve played through the story missions enough to hit like… command level 7 I think? So a fair amount of missions, and all with random people I’ve never met.

Only ONCE did I have a game where we came close to running out of lives, and that’s because not one other person besides myself was even bothering to revive people who died. They’d be literally clipping through the model of the dying player and not help them. After some… subtle hinting… some of my teammates eventually figured it out, but they were still really slow to respawn. We still won the mission, with one life left. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess some of the people getting into Battleborn never played Borderlands… or at least not in Co-op.

That being said, some kind of mechanic to increase the chance of finding extra life pickups when your supplies are low would probably be nice. Nobody wants to sit in limbo due to bad luck…

I personally think it’s fine the way it is. I’ve never run out of revives playing with randoms. The missions are honestly too easy to think about reworking the revive system :confused:

Rather than tinker with the revive system, I’d like to see a bit more health drop! Failed the second story mission this morning largely because of that - I did get one bonus life to drop, but green orbs/spikes were few and far between. Eventually failed at the Conservator because, despite killing lots of things and opening lots of boxes, all I got were speed boosts and currency.

In BL2/TPS, there’s in increased chance for health to drop when player health is low, and an extra chance to drop when player health is very low. I don’t know if there’s anything like that in this game, but it would certainly help in single player.

Yup, that makes good sense.

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