No more xp gained from pete or hyperious

as the title says, i cant figure out why when trying to level up characters on my secondary account, when i fight the 2 raid bosses im about to mention, when using the kill yourself with the elevator thing with pete, or the standard run out of the room thing with hyperious, that after that first kill where it doesnt cost you any more to fight them, you also dont gain anymore Exp from then either

do you have the uvhm dlc’s?

Maybe you’ve hit the cap for your character. What level are you? As poisoned said, have you got the UVHUP installed?

i was using my OP7 gunzerker in split screen to level up a low level character (a level 2 or 3 character) on another account, i noticed the character didnt level any after i had killed pete or hyperious a few times

thats because your maxed out. you dont gain xp past 72.

im aware of that, my split screen character only being a level 2 or 3 character didnt gain any xp after the first kill on either one, that character would have gained xp being a very low level character


How far away was your other character? If they’re too far, like at the beginning, they might not gain XP for kills.

they gained xp on the first kill but not on any subsequent kills, when killing hyperious, my character would be right by the ammo machines just outside where hyperious is, id kill hype, run back to the ammo machines to reset him, go kill him again, would only get the xp on that first kill when i paid the eridium to spawn him

Sounds like a bug. You might need to exit and re-enter for your 2nd character to get XP.

im going to go back and test it out again, i didnt notice it at all until after i had killed hype like 15 times and my character i was trying to level up while doing some farming hadnt leveled up at all

ive gone back and done this several times, im going to go step by step on what i do…

…fast travel to refinery
…run the map till i get to hype
…pay the eridium to spawn him
…kill hype then run out of the room back to the machines
…hype is reset, shoot him, kill him again
…rinse and repeat
…i gain XP for that first kill but not after i do the reset trigger for him

the same goes for pete following that same pattern

i had heard that vora had a similar glitch like hype, but i never could get that to work and ive yet to kill master gee, i think i have a seperate issue there, ive followed videos ive seen to the letter yet somehow i get overwhelmed by a massive acid pool every time