No multiverse skins while owning season pass 2

So despite owning the seasons pass 2 the multiverse skins are still not available for me. Even when I look on the store page for the skins it doesn’t say “owned”. It still tries to make me buy them despite owning the pass2. Gearbox, please assist.


Having the same issue here as well.

From my experience, you’re still supposed to download them manually. They aren’t free?

Should be included with season pass 2. I think the fact that its showing up on Epic that you need to buy them is a bug. Seen some people say there’s says owned and they still don’t have the skins.

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Issue exists on steam as well.

Visual Evidence of it not working as it did this fall with DLC5:


I did not purchase Season Pass 2 as a preorder, choosing to wait until each was available. So Season Pass 2 Isn’t in my library. But notice the difference with each of the cuts.

Same, dude. I have the first pack of four, but this new one is unavailable for some reason…

Same here.

I have the ultimate edition and I have the same problem in the epic store, it appears to me as available to buy the cosmetic packages, despite the fact that said edition contains the season pass 2 and everything else

Same issue for me - own both ‘Cut’ edition DLCs (bought as one pack). Only seeing Flak and Multiverse body and heads. PC.

I have same problem i write to 2K support and wait … hope they fix that soon … lo

I have the same issue. I bought the season pack 2 on Epic for designer’s cut back then and it says in the store and in my library that I own these skins. And I think on Epic you can’t install or uninstall part of a dlc, it’s all or nothing so it’s probably not a matter of having to install them individually. Idk…

I also have this problem. It says I own season 2 but it still gives me a price for each of the skins if I try to download them.

That’s weird. Mind doesn’t even say I own them. Still has the “buy now” button on the skins pages

I have the same problem. i already have the season pass 2 but the multiverse skins are not on my game…

Last I checked I really though it was “owned”. I double checked and it does say “buy now”. Maybe I was tripping , it’s a mess.
Even the previous skins from the last DLC are presented as “buy now” even though I have them and they work properly in-game…

For information

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any update?

From 2k support …

“Thanks to ark hunters like you, we’ve been able to gather enough information about this issue to let the dev team know about it, so they’re going to be able to work on it.”

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Same. I got the mails about the new skins in game but when I checked I found nothing in Quickchange. I own Season Pass 2.

Any update on this gearbox?

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