No new character!

How do you guys feel about no more additional characters?

I’m pretty gutted about this. Some of the dlc characters have been the best.

Edit: Legit would pay good money for all previous characters…


Terrible decision imo. New characters add the most value of any type of DLC in Borderlands imo. Would have loved to get Fiona as a DLC vault hunter since she was working towards becoming a Vault Hunter at the end of Tales from the Borderlands, 5 years before Borderlands 3, giving her ample time to train and become as skilled as the other vault hunters.


I keep seeing people say this, but was it ever said that there’d be no new character, or just that they’ll expand the initial 4 characters first? I would like to be able to expand a character’s skill tree once the level cap is raised, instead of just having to spread points around but going even deeper into some of my favorite aspects of a character.

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It would be kind of cool if they released a new skill tree for each of the existing 4 vault hunters instead. The combinations and builds would drastically change, especially if they raise the level cap which gives us more skill points.

I also think a new vault hunter would be cool, but increasing the customization you can do with your current character-- may be better.


Gotta agree with the others I would much rather them add new characters with DLC. Hell Psycho was amazing the others in PreSequel were kinda meh, but then again a lot of pre sequel was meh.


The Character DLC from BL2 and the Pre-Sequel were easily my favorite characters. I really hope they reconsider their stance on this.

What always got me playing again and again was that each character felt fun, and more just added so much replayability.


Yep first and foremost, additional skill tree or expanding on the current trees for each of the hunters before new ones imo. If going by their MO for dlc, they would raise cap. If there are no new tree(s)/skills, that would mean the hunter would be boring as we can effectively near max all the skills, missing out on the choice factor.


They actually said there won’t be any additional characters in tonight’s stream. Apparently data showed not many people played them.

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According to Sage, Gearbox’s data from previous expansions has shown that most people don’t stick with additional characters, and so the decision was made to differentiate the four main characters through different kinds of builds.

“Probably not. No,” he answered in response to a question about additional characters. “You were asking me earlier about data that we use. And one of the things we actually saw was that once people have picked their character–not everybody, there are no ‘everybodys,’ but a lot of people–stick with that character and want to remain. Furthermore, in Borderlands 3, we really concentrated on diversity within the characters themselves and having a lot of different builds. So that was where we put our eggs, in the basket. Now some people might want more but I don’t think that’s the way to go, not for Borderlands 3.”

Wow this hurts. BL2 was what got me hooked on the series and I arrived late when DLC characters were already out. Gaige was my favorite character and she was a DLC character. I wasnt really drawn to any of the main characters and might not of even became a fan. Thats why I probably love Moze she reminds me a lot of Gaige. If they had said this before the launch I might of wavered and bought a different game.

All I can say is the DLC better be huge because missing 2 new characters is like missing 2 new playthroughs of content.


Eh, bad way to go. I was hoping they would add 4 more vault hunters to the roster this time but it seems they are wanting to go the complete opposite direction and add none.

I obviously can only speak for myself but I think this hurts the replayability in the worst possible way.

I was looking forward to more unique characters to play although I imagine I’ll still continue playing for some time regardless


Thinking about it I wouldn’t be too bothered if they just added different skins for say Amara to look like Lilith or Maya, and added different sirens skill trees.

A lot of people will probably have all the characters maxed out pretty fast even when the level caps come out. I think the new characters add a ton of replayability and uniqueness to the game. I personally think it is a big mistake not adding new characters in. If they really choose not to add in new dlc vault hunters, hopefully they can make it up by really hitting it out of the park with DLC content. We will have to see. let’s hope they just said no new characters as a type of tactic to really surprise us with new vault hunters in dlc drops, who knows.


Well I’m massively disappointed. Gaige and Krieg were the best Bl2 characters. Aurelia and Jack were pure gold for TPS characters. I was honestly hoping that we’d see at least two new characters for 3.


I completely agree with this. They definitely need to expand new skill options for each hunter at the very least if no new characters are added in. If they don’t at least add this in it’ll be very hard to see how they can keep people’s interests with the DLC content.


I’d be really disappointed if they decided to add new trees to the current four instead of simply adding new characters. New trees just add a few new skills and a potential thinner spread of skill points. Entirely new characters adds new personality, interesting lore, interesting/humorous dialogue, and a bunch of other things in addition to new skill trees and such.

Now, if they’d want to make sure the current four characters are bug free and their skills function correctly and in a balanced way before adding a new character then I am 99% on board with that. But I’d much rather see say… a new pirate themed Vault Hunter with several new action skills and a fun personality than see Zane get a couple new augments in his skill trees.


Doesn’t make sense to me not to have new characters. I mean, sure leveling up a bunch of characters could be annoying and tedious in the previous games but B3 feels pretty generous in terms of how much time it takes you to level up again and again.


Spoiler alert, they’ve killed some of them and others became important NPCs

They need to add more characters. 4 base characters will get old quickly. I love experimenting with different builds. We’re a week in and I’ve maxed 2/4 classes with OP builds.

That said, I’d love to see them expand on current class building and customization even more. New skins (not just color swaps) that really change a character’s look/personality. Expanded skill trees and what I’d LOVE to see is the ability to dismantle weapon for parts and put together a weapon from multiple different broken down versions of the same weapon to get just the right gun.

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Personally I’d say a voodoo VH, one of the Action skills having them make a voodoo doll of an enemy, slap it, watch the full size enemy fall over and die after a couple of strikes. And somewhere in the tree having them shoot the doll and the full size explode into red mist, as though hit by a bullet scaled to the same relative size as the doll.