No New Gear With The Takedown?

I’ve done 4 runs on m10 true takedown and haven’t got a single new legendary and I’m also getting very few existing legendaries at it is. Has anyone seen any new gear?

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How? I can’t even get through the first room without dying or blue screen. xD


I had to use a modded weapon I wasn’t even good enough to get half way through with my normal setup. I think there is also a scaling glitch with this takedown as well as improper loot drops.

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After the first boss which I just beat in M6 I got a new shield riposte and a new grenade lightspeed.

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Sweet thank you, I guess my luck just sucks

I see. I lost the nerve to try on m10. So I did it on m zero. Endboss dropped a smog smg and I unlocked the character skin and one more echo skin. Is there a head custom. also?

Only from the boss. 1st run got 2 new yellowcake like launchers and a lightspeed grenade[normal mode no mayhem]. 2nd run got nothing just same ■■■■ just a wee bit stronger[tvhm mayhem 10]thers nothing exciting to make me wanna keep trying just yet

I got a new SMG called the Smog, wasnt worth the 5+ hours of hating this game and event.

How do you even tell when a Hyperion gun shield is at max capacity? Is there a gauge somewhere on the screen?