No New Legendary and ammo box bug? DLC2

I’ve been playing the new dlc for at least 5 hours, i’m at the archive and i had numerous legendary drop but no new ones (Mayhem 4) with the first dlc at this point i already seen at least 5-6 new legendary, is it normal? And also in every ammo chest in the archive the only thing i can find is grenade or AR ammo, nothing else.

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Having the same issue with ammo chests. Thought it might just be me so started a post in the XBox Tech Support area. Filed a support ticket also, if you haven’t done so, go here They may not know it’s an issue on several platforms.

Sounds like a bug. Whilst the drop rates aren’t nearly as plentyful as in DLC one, I’ve still gotten a fair amount of new legendaries overall.

Thank you for the link, I did a support ticket for pc and uploaded photos

I am also only seeing AR and Grenade ammo in chests.