No new level max or DLC for me?

So I just started playing my Zane and could not find the DLC starting point, I also went and killed a few things and I am not getting XP.

I am on steam, is there something I should be doing different?

Wait until the DLC is actually live and then download it…

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The patch isn’t out yet.

DLC drops in 3 hours. (12 PST)

I’m sorry I thought I was reading it was already out…perfect thanks =)

Don’t worry , you aren’t the only one . :rofl:

I thought it was going to be out at 5 gmt? (11am central or 12 noon EST)

It’s actually out now, must be early downloading in the UK.

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9am pst is 4pm uk. But patch release can vary…

It’s out now in Ireland so should be out in uk to I went to the ps story through the game and downloaded it from there

Oh, my apologies, guess i was wrong then. It is downloading for me now too.

It states 12pm PST tho.

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It’s installed but not showing under DLC or in-game… yet, I hope…

Looks to me like the patch is preceeding the DLC itself a little. I’ve got the patch installed now but not the DLC (which I would assume is gonna release within the next 3 hours)

Tried around 1pm (central , 2pm est) (I can’t speak to anything earlier as I wasn’t on) and I was able to get the patch and the DLC. Friend and I started the DLC. Great so far. Good job Gearbox.