No new vault hunters is extremely disappointing

How can Borderlands 3 not add vault hunters? What’s the strategy here? Take one of the things that made BL2 so replayable and cut it out?

This is extremely disappointing. I’ll hold out hope that Gearbox changes their mind, but this could very well be the reason why I quit playing this franchise if Gearbox doesn’t change course.


The game has been out for less than three weeks. I fully expect more playable characters as DLC at some point, just because they’ve not told you every detail in a personalised greetings card, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Unfortunately, they did say on The Borderlands Show that they have no plans to add more Vault Hunters. Unfortunately, their data they used to make that decision might be wrong, I have two Gaige save files on BL2, one in TVHM, so I do hope they add more Vault Hunters.

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Confirmed on some podcast… no new vault hunters.

Completely agree, this could break Borderlands for me. I loved playing through all the different characters at least once. Now with only four… meh… I’ve already gone through a good portion of the game with a different vault hunter for the groups of people I play with.


Yeah, I was pretty shocked / disgusted / saddened by this too.

Maybe disgusted is a bit too strong of a word.


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Yeah this makes no sense. New skill trees aren’t going to get people to start new playthroughs. New characters do

Wtf are you talking about?

BL1 had 4.

BL2 had 4 originally, then added in some later with DLC.

TPS had 4 And did the same as BL2.

Why does BL3 need to launch with 15 different characters? Have you any idea how difficult that would make balancing? All the post game credit pictures would need updating. There is a lot to adding new characters than people seem to think.

Look My Dudes…this is a business.

If people went into McDonalds and demanded carrots and broccoli. McDonalds will start selling carrots and broccoli.

Plus the reason why they wont do it is beyond stupid. “People dont want to switch off their VHs.” Yeah bc nobody played Krieg, Gage, or Jack.

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Post credit pictures… OMG. That’s going to ruin everything!!!

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it but the reality is I will have zero interest leveling through the campaign most likely multiple times just to get to end game with a new character. The only way I played new characters in the past games was getting a save file that was already done with the campaign. Playing through the story is fun the first time but since the beginning I have hated going through TVHM and UVHM I just can’t bother wasting that much time to get to the part of the game that all my other characters are at.

It’s trivial, yes, but it’s still a task to be surmounted.

So you want to deny a feature that the fanbase wants bc it requires work.

This is how the real world operates. We give them money, they give us what we want. Sorry if they actually have to earn it.

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Everything in game creation takes work. Kinda the reason why we PAY them. Not asking for a million. One or two characters would go a looong way in making me happy.

(Additionally: I would be more than happy to pay more for said Character or Characters.)


Not 15 (I think you edited that part of your post out).

Just 1 or 2.

Not at start.

Within 6 months to 2 years.

And I was always very saddened that the first game didn’t have any additional characters.

Also, I don’t really get why people keep mentioning how new characters will “ruin game balance”. I understand that no guns or pieces of gear or individual skill trees or abilities should be grossly overpowered and game breaking, but how would adding a new character or 2 after a while to prolong and renew people’s interest in and enjoyment of the game would “ruin balance”.

EDIT: I would also be more than happy to pay for a new character or two despite already owning the Season Pass.


This is a fun thing that always gets people up in arms, but no, you do not pay the developers. They develop the content upfront, they are paid a salaried wage (most of the time). You buy the product, and the commercial success is predicated on units shifted.

This success can have an impact on the continued employment of various people within the company (particularly as games make large use of contract workers), but even that isn’t guaranteed as layoffs are common in the industry even after a successful release.

If Gearbox are saying that people didn’t play the additional characters, then that’s them simply saying not enough people bought them to be profitable. That’s unfortunately how the business works.

Are people going to be disappointed? Sure! But that’s just how it is.

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Of course they get paid before. They don’t work for free and hope for a miracle. Else Anthem would have destroyed EA/BioWare. BUT, you can’t tell me that they won’t pay their employees to add content if it’s asked for.

Terrible idea for sure. Shame that Gearbox can’t see just how terrible a decision it is. If the goal is to keep people playing, new characters are the best way to do that, as they encourage replays of the main game and story DLC’s.

Unfortunately not that simple - the closest model for that is probably crowdfunding. There has to be a demand for that content, because development is scheduled (often heavily) in advance. Gearbox have obviously already arrived at the conclusion that the demand simply isn’t there - regardless of however many people on here or elsewhere saying they’d like to.

That said, it makes me hopeful for what content Gearbox could be cooking up. The current VHs have a lot of custom response dialogue - it could mean Gearbox are exploring more story-heavy content (more TTAoDK, less Hammerlock’s Hunt kind of thing). That’s just me being optimistic though :slightly_smiling_face:

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I get your point and I am kinda neutral to both side of the arguments. Of course I would like another pair of VH as DLC and gladly pay for it, I mained Krieg since day one of his release in BL2. On the other hand, VH in BL3 have 3 different action skills each. BL2 and TPS had 6 VH each with 1 action skill each. BL3 have as many different action skills as both BL2 and TPS together.

With that said, I would not be mad to have new skills on existing VH.