No new Vault Hunters? What about some new Gear slots?

This game franchise is often described as “Diablo with guns” and I get why, but why don’t we have more slots for different types of gear?

If we aren’t supposed to get more Vault Hunters, wouldn’t more slots for things like gloves and boots give characters more options to fine tune their build in a way that fits their play-style? Each slot (and it doesn’t need to be boots, hands, wrists, and 7 rings on each hand) could have unique bonuses for each class tied to that slot (similar to the already implemented Anointed system).

I understand the implications to the loot pool, namely diluting it even further. ‘Armor’ could be from specific rewards or encounters to avoid this. I get that throwing a big pool of gear into this current system as is would probably not work out well in practice.

Anyway, what do you guys think?


I think we will get a new skill tree and action skill per DLC on each character and I think I am OK with that.

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I like it.
But I was fine about it until you mentioned it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was literally talking about how Borderlands has had the same stale equip slots for a decade now to my friend lol Add a necklace or rings or something man. They are honestly terrified to try anything new I feel, and it sorta shows with just how samey but worse everything in BL3 feels IMHO.

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They could have made gun trinkets an actual gear item. Would have been perfect. Like charms in Diablo 2 almost. Passive buffs you can equip, but only one at a time. Buffing individual weapons based on the drops / variants you get wouldve been really interesting. Small stuff like 10% fire rate pr somrthin, mag size, reload sped. Even the possibility for Legendary trinkets applyin buffs or debuffs. Goofy stuff too, like a trinket that makes your gun shoot confetti, or give your bullets cool tracer effects (cool colours or patterns).


Didn’t they say early on that they thought about having a full array of equipment like that but ultimately decided against it?

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Personally I like the idea but I m not sure if such a move would benefit Borderlands.

Guns always were the focus for this brand. There are other games with similar gameplay (guns, RPG mechanics, progression) but if you take a look at The Division which provides what you ask for…where does that leave the gun in the equation? In the division guns are only part of a character and gameplay…not the focus anymore. Because there are so many more things that define a character or build.

This loss of focus would be inevitable IMO because adding gearslots in Borderlands would require giving them enough importance to justify adding them in the first place, maybe a need to do so and it also would demand attention from the dev team.

Balancing also becomes increasingly harder the more factors you introduce into an environment.

I do agree, more slots would offer us the playerbase more options, more freedom in building our character (or not…take a look at Diablo3 for example) and generally more to DO. But its possible that Gearbox investigated this possebility and decided that “nope its not worth the hassle/effort/reward”. Or maybe additional gearslots are features they are holding back for future DLCs (dont get me started on that greedy DLC business on stuff that should ve been in the base game from the start GRUMBLE).

Complexity is a good thing tho IMO. You have the risk of overwhelming people with options to a degree where its simply confusing and irritating and I know a great many games where this effect is very obvious.

What I would like to see is more options for the GUNS we already have. The variety and diversity of the guns available already is great but it could be more. I m not sure if crafting is something that would fit into Borderlands at all, I am not saying I d like to have it but if Gearbox ever decides to investigate into crafting I would very much like to see what they come up with. Maybe an additional buff system outside classes? Where you can affect a guns performance regardless of your class (as classes change weapon performance already) Something equal to potions or timed buffs more in the players control then the current Mayham system? Or the ability to change gun components in order to get what you want through directed effort because right now its all just RNG which can be frustrating as hell and demoitvates me personally more then it motivates.

Something “more” that enables the player to work toward to and reap the benefits based on the work they put in.

Gearbox stated that “replayability” is the main focus for BL3. I am sure they have more ideas in the basement then we know about. As to how much these ideas will change the face of the game…no idea.


At first I was like “I bet all of these have secret stats!”… nope purely cosmetic. Still a cool addition, but definitely a missed opportunity to augment a favorite gun with some sweet buffs/effects.

My guess is the complexity gets nuts unless you’re dealing with gear ‘sets’ (which are basically one big piece of gear over many slots) like how Diablo III handles gear… but for that you need to add a bunch of slots… then a bunch of filler… and like you also mention, guns are the focus of the game. I would argue that a lot of guns we find are not useful past a certain point. Gear slots may end up being the right way to ‘buff’ some of the more unique legendaries/red text guns. Is finding a piece of armor that makes your shotgun even game better less exciting than finding that sweet anointed gun you’ve been chasing?

I’d really like to see even small buffs added to weapon trinkets. I wonder if they avoided this because only the ‘best’ trinket would get used? This is the only ‘new’ slot we’ve seen right?