No new vault hunters

So does anyone else think this may not mean exactly what we think it means? To say “no new characters” could mean exactly that; no NEW characters. Which technically means gearbox could introduce any character that we are already familiar with.

I think this could be a cool spin on a statement. I’d be totally down to play some vault hunters from the past


Gearbox wouldn’t be that cheeky, I think.
It’d be cool to revisit BL1 Vault Hunters with actual modern skill trees.

Modern Brick seems like it would be fun.

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As fun as it may sound. I think it would be a terrible idea from Gearbox point. There’s no way you can do that right. There’ll be a deluge of complains from so called “hardcore fan” no matter what they do.
Sad but that’s what it is.

Beside I seriously doubt it’s anywhere near GB intention. If they’re doubtful about spending the required money on new VH. I don’t think they’ll spend it on a rework of old characters.


I’m not too much in favor of this idea. We’ve already played as those VH’s, the Borderlands way is to let them become NPC’s in the next game so we could interact with them as characters and get to know 4-6 brand new ones.
Still disappointed in the apparent disinterest from Gearbox when it comes to DLC characters. Does anyone on here actually want more skill trees instead of add-on VH’s? I can’t imagine it would even work; considering the current lack of build variety already it would likely just be new skills for people to try once but eventually go back to what’s proven to work. At least that’s for the bulk of players, who Gearbox all but directly stated they would be targeting with any skill tree additions by citing the data on extra characters from Bl2.
That’s my two cents, anyways.


The effort will not pay off. From a story stand point adding new characters will make people asking about them in future games. You know - " Where the hell are Krieg and Gaige?" The franchise is already characters heavy, thats why they started killing off some of the old ones.
Gameplay. Its way way easier to balance few additional skills rather than a complete set of skills. In 2 Krieg and Gaige had 1 action skill, while in 3 every new character must also have 3 action skills with their augments, like the main team. No one will play new characters if they’re less powerful than the base team.
Someone may say balance in Borderlands is not that important, thats wrong - simply overpowered or underpowered characters are not fun to play with.


Not gonna happen. All previous VH’s had one single action skill. In BL 3 they each have three. In order to make a BL 3 version of Axton, he would need two additional action skills. Randy Pitchford is on record as saying “there is nothing left in the tank…we put everything we had into these four vault hunters.” (Paraphrasing the second part, the first part is a direct quote).

You couldn’t play any BL1 characters. Three are NPCs in BL3 and one is dead.
You couldn’t play Zero or Maya for the same reasons.
You couldn’t play Timothy, Claptrap, Aurelia, Wilhem or Nisha. NPCs in this game or dead.

That leaves: Axton, Sal, Kreig, Gaige and Athena. Personally, I would take a fourth skill tree on Flak, Zane or Moze over any of those characters. Four of the above I never even played because I wasn’t interested. If I wasn’t then, I won’t be now.

And regarding the “current lack of build variety”. I wholeheartedly disagree. I actually have two completely different Flak’s: Gamma Burst and Crit. Each with different skills and wildly different gear. Same for Moze: A Bottomless Mags/Bloodletter and a Splash Blastmaster. I change my Zane back and forth all the time and he has a dedicated mule with anointed gear for the action skill I’m not currently using.

How many different Sal builds were there in BL2? Maya? Maybe a different COM and a few skill point changes, but nothing earth shattering. Zero was the most diverse, between melee and sniper. If you played TPS solo, you could ignore one of Aurelia’s entire skill trees.

Given the state of the game, I just assume focus on two things: fix the the stuff that has been broken for a while, and keep focused on DLCs 2, 3 and 4 because Moxxi’s Heist is awesome. One of the best in the franchise.


I pointed out I wasn’t talking about users on here. I know there’s people with 9 different characters with 9 completely different set-ups, but the players here ammount to probably less than 5% of the total playerbase. Gearbox made clear that they’re targeting the masses, the masses which-- by their own statistics-- do not like to experiment with new stuff.
Those people playing bl2 are the ones now on bl3, using the best meta builds available. This is how it always goes, I’m just pointing out that Gearbox is paradoxically claiming that they need to forgo one type of DLC that 80% of players are unlikely to consume in favor of another that they are equally unlikely to consume.
At the end of the day, gearbox will release whatever they think will make more money. Whether that will be a 10-15$ vault Hunter pack or a possibly cheaper skill tree update remains to be seen, but if my repeatedly posting about it can sway their thinking in either direction then I’m glad to do it.
In other words: I’m not insinuating there’s only a few ways people can play or calling anyone’s creativity into question, just voicing a perceived hypocrisy that I find more frustrating every day that passes without explicit confirmation one way or the other.