No new weapon skin :(

For me the best reward from the Bloody Harvest challanges was the Weapon skin. I’m not really interested in having another 10 keychains. I want something a little bit more noticable in terms of cosmetics. Weapon Skins still have so much un tapped potential. We could have manufacturer’s skins so we can flex our love of a brand on a gun that belongs to another. More dynamic weapon skins like deep Nebula would be awesome. Heck I would love to be able to take the skin of one gun and apply it to another. For example take the Maggie skins and apply it to a Rowin’s call.

Two new legendary guns… ok cool, I like the idea of having another system to reward me items as I play but still where is the love for weapons skins? The last one you guys added w as in the Bloody Harvest and to my knowledge that is the only one that has been added to the game. The rest are in game or promotions.
You guys have the potential to give use all these cool cosmetics via events, or shift and I’m seeing alot of un tapped potential.

PS Maliwan takedown heads. Please and thank you.


Yeah, I just commented about this and I don’t understand why Gearbox is ignoring weapon skins…

I thought the Moxxi’s Heist DLC would give us a Hyperion themed skin or something, but they didn’t put a single new skin in the game, ever since the last event… but we did got more silly weapon trinkets, that you can barely see on your guns (one of them is literally a copy of the Jack’s Off trinket).

We need more weapon skins added to the game, or at least an option to customize the colors ourselves, like on how we can adjust the palettes of our character skins.

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