No obiettive pandora

Why doesn’t it give me the pandora objective of exploring the map I have everything at 100% if I go to check on each map but if I go nice search on pandora it tells me 77 out of 105

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You mean trophy/achievement? Sounds like you are missing Slaughter Shaft map. You need 78 original locations, the rest is from Arms Race and Director’s Cut dlc.

This is a different matter.
A new MAP was added to each planet in this DLC, but
The maximum value of the exploration status of the MAP adjacent to the new MAP remains the same as before.
The maximum value has been exceeded like 15/14.
I’d like you to pay a little more attention to these things.

By “you” I assume you mean GBX - GrzesPL is one of the volunteer forum moderators, not a GBX employee. But yes, it is annoying when the numbers don’t add up.

No, I’m not talking to that person, I’m talking to GBX from the beginning.

If I want to talk to him, I’ll reply to his comment.

About what maximum value you are talking about? If you have DLC5 and 6 you need complete them to reach* 100% completion rate on Pandora and other planets.
In terms of trophy I already gave you the solution.

*there is a bug that after the reload/travel etc. crew challenges counter will show more than max and that may cause over 100% completion rate.

I speak of the objective “master of the sand”, discover all the places with a pandora name!
if I go to look for map by map, it gives me all the discovered places,I have also attached a video of me made by me and uploaded on youtube maybe being able to better understand the situation


You are missing Slaughter Shaft, I already pointed this in first post. Go to Konrad’s Hold, entry to SS is near Manwark.

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sorry for the trouble again but i have the same problem on eden 6,61 out of 69 uncovered areas tells me

6 locations are from latest dlc, so 63 is from base game and that is required for trophy. Check each map stats where you are missing the two last ones. You can use this site if you don’t know where to find them Borderlands 3 Interactive Map | Map Genie

sorry but I miss the last goal which is called “master of everything you see” that is to say discover all the places with name. is it 98% why not unlocked yet? I have done all the previous goals, I don’t understand

For “Master of All You Survey” trophy you need all locations from base game so:

  • 78 on Pandora
  • 43 on Promethea
  • 5 on Athenas
  • 63 on Eden-6
  • 27 on Nekrotafeyo
  • 6 Proving Grounds maps
  • 1 Slaughter Star 3000

223 locations in total, if you have completed all regular planets, make sure you have all six Proving Grounds and SS3000.
To discover Proving Grounds you need to start a mission, here is a list where to look for them Borderlands 3 Trophy Guide •
Slaughter Star 3000 mission is on Nekrotafeyo/Desolation’s Edge.