"No offense" you are ruining gaming

I’m not a person to take the time and voice my opinions on everything I disagree with, at least, not online. I come across as well… an @$$**** and I mean no offense I just can’t handle the fact that this gender/sexual orientation ■■■■■■■■ has not only flooded everything you watch on tv but now in the video games I play. Again I mean no offense I just don’t get it. I didn’t care they made hammer love ■■■■, I cared that you made an entire dlc about his gay wedding. Your dlc in the past has been legendary and has become something political. The trailer had no signs of main villain or story as if you had a meeting g and the story board said dlc2 gay wedding … antagonist: ??? Bottom line dont fix what ain’t broken. Maybe I’m wrong let me know has the gay community been screaming their npc rights.


There is a storyline about cultists worshipping the corpse of a dead Vault Monster.

They did not reveal the main villain in the two Moxxi’s Heist trailers either.


It’s just about a wedding. Period. The orientation is incidental.


Oh, get over yourself. There’s nothing political about two people in love getting married. Hammerlock was established as a gay man in BL 2 and Jacob’s as his partner in BL 3. The only reason it’s remotely “political” is because people make it so.



"None Taken. "

Yes, you’re wrong. There’s no ‘maybe’ about it. If you’re struggling to understand why: substitute all of your references to sexuality for racial references. The result is something that belongs in our past. I think that’s why you:

Incidentally, if you don’t want folks thinking that about you when you express your opinion, maybe you could just try to hold better opinions. Especially if you want to post here.
“No offence”, obv, but thread closed.