No one at Gearbox support is answering my requests

I made a request a day ago, fortunately someone answered but nothing helped much at all. The clearing cache didn’t work with getting my Master of Miko skin and title. And then telling me to send screenshots of the bug via Xbox one or my phone. I was confused because I couldn’t find a way to send them in to the team. But layer that day I made a request and it was composed of my three screenshots of the bug. No one answered to it yet. I even said “Miko mastery bug with screenshots” or something like that. It really bugs me… Having to wait soooo long…

i’ll post here, beecause i’m on xbone and website won’t allow new topic. but hey devs, after you help this person you should fix the typos on your homepage. under choose your badass ‘butle’ needs an ‘r’ and should there be a space between ‘elvenarcher’?

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