No one is playing?

Im trying to find a pvp match (I’m from Latin America) and it only finds like 2 or 3 people that eventually leave because nobody else joins…I have waited a lot of time (not even played a single match)

You should probably state which platform you’re playing on.

I play on PC, the game from Steam

Okay, got you moved to the PC lfg section. Good luck!

Honestly, matchmaking has been a little annoying since the server crash a day or so ago (that was across all platforms), but I swear PC still hasn’t recovered completely yet.

I often get PVE Story Missions (i.e., half the people required than for PVP) where it only INITIALLY matches me with just a few people - I even had one where it tried to put me in a “non private” game WITH JUST MYSELF ffs! =.=

This doesn;'t happen with PVP matches because they are “required” to have 10 people in order to start, but it DOES mean that the matchmaking sometimes takes EONS to get going…

(Also, I live in the US, so server connection should… really not be affecting me in in any way.)

Well, I tried to play pvp like 2 days ago and was the same lel

I see people dropping out from getting disconnected all the time as well. Thankfully they have the option to rejoin the same match as long as it’s still going (I really appreciate this feature lol).

Well if anyone wants to invite me, so I can play at least 1 time in life xD
Nickname: Sapphirost

I can give it a try - I’ve successfully joined matches a group with a friend before. I’ll have to add you as a Steam friend to do it annoyingly…

EDIT: Invite sent.