No one joining in main menu

Does Borderlands 2 or Pre-Sequel allow randoms to join in main menu? I haven’t had any so far nor have I ever ended up joining anyone else’s. It could be just bad luck but I’d like to be sure.

In order for that to happen, they have to go to your profile and click join session or whatever. For you to do it, you have to do the same. Click on their name and click join session/game.

So they can’t just join normally? Bummer! :expressionless:

Depends on what your on-line settings are on your system. E.G. on my 360, I have it set to “Friends only”. You can change that before you start a session so that it’s public. If you are on 360/ps3, be aware that a lot of folks seem to have switched to xb1/ps4, so there might not be as many people around. You can always go to the relevant on-line play section here and post if you’re looking for partners.

I already am, I just asked whether or not I even show up on public search when I’m on main menu.

Sorry - thought you were asking something else. As far as I know, you have to have set your game to “Public” and start a session before it will show up on random people’s searches.

So randoms can join while I’m still in main menu and I’ve just been unlucky not to get them so far. Ok that’s just what I wanted to know!

No, I think you actually have to start a game once you’ve set your session to “Public”. Of course, you could just hang in Sanctuary until someone shows up…

I see… :confused: But why is it like that? BL1 had lobbies.

BL 2’s is +/- 3 levels of the host, so if you’re playing OP 4 or higher, you won’t see any random players joining you.

You never did specify what platform you’re on, but I would do as VH suggested and visit the relevant online play sections for people to play with.

I’m on PS3 and I already host some threads. Only playing BL1 right now tough. I was just curious on why no stranger has ever joined me on main menu, only in the game.

Ah. It’s probably because they’re waiting for you to actually play before they join. I don’t play with random people so I don’t know for sure.

You can’t actually know whether’s someone’s in the lobby or not before you have joined them. Not in any of the games.

And just in case you misunderstood something, I was only talking about no one joining the main menu lobby on 2 and Pre-Seqel. I’ve had folks join my lobby in the first one.

BL 2 if the toon you are using is OP 3 - 4 or higher that game will not show up in public matchmaking

BL TPS just depends on the Day and time of day. I’ve had days when no one joins and other days when I have a full game

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What LunaticOne said.

Umm… Just to make sure guys, I’ve HAD randoms join me IN the game. Just never in the main menu! Is THAT impossible, for strangers to join me in the main menu or not?

Only players who are on your friends list can join to your main menu.

Randoms can only join your public game if you are playing the game, not if you’re just sitting in the main menu.

Okay, thanks for an answer!

…Am I really this bad at explaining myself?