No one play this game, i am sad

Seriously, i wait 40 mins for play a damn 1v1 but…NO ONE enter in the game.
This is really bad.

Where are the players??? Exist? or i am alone in the darkness??


And…Where is the lobby???

I haven’t word, 2015 and this game haven’t a lobby…

Well as far as some parts of the codebase are concerned, including parts of the multiplayer interface, the year is still 2003.

And we’re all just waiting for the next patch.

Yes. We are all waiting for the patch before we play again.

I haven’t played multiplayer in two weeks.

MP status

Ok, melodramatic, but I couldn’t resist. :wink:

(I probably haven’t played MP in about 2 weeks either.)

Shhhhh. Please stop being so negative.

Be positive! It will work out!

I’m also waiting for the patch, I haven’t been on in 3 weeks. It’s no fun atm.

I haven’t logged in since 04-26-2015, until I see an update to the game I won’t either. I sure hope someone sees the light and reconsiders the lobby priority though.

This 1k$ machine I bought only to play this game has been powered off and collecting Dust for the last several weeks.

Ahhhhh that really sucks. Hate it when you save up for something just so you later can’t enjoy using it. Still think you have upgraged your specs for the better. HW can’t be the only game u’re playing :slight_smile:

Homeworld is the only reason I know own a PC. It’s the only thing installed on it.

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