No one playing this or am I doing something wrong?

I set matchmaking for Circle of Slaughter or Proving Grounds and after an hour I might – MIGHT – get 1 person. And that’s if get anyone at all.

I’m on Xbox. Quite sure will get lot “ohhhh, you on Xbox that’s why” comments.

But with Borderlands 2 never had an issue. Anyone share what is up?

Its the same for PC. Most of my chars can solo everything on MH4 but I like randomly having some others in with me. I think it’s just matchmaking in general, because you can queue for five different modes of play (while I assume most run on MH4).

I’m on Xbox. I always play Proving Grounds M4. I noticed there’s less players joining on my games or the matchmaking has been taking too long for the past week. My theory is just there’s less people interested in playing PG.

I had open MULTIPLE PG in the Achievements section and it’s open to public, the number of people joining and the time I wait for them to join is equivalent to the same number of people joining and waiting on the Matchmaking screen.

Most of the peeps I know who post for games in the Achievements section fall into the following interests:

  • Wotan
  • Power leveling
  • Slow questing
  • Farming item
  • Sexting, Chatting, Finding a girl posts

Edit: Yesterday and today I got a random player at level 40s. Certainly the player was no help at all except it made the enemies more challenging (which is ok with me)

The problem is too many variables and you can only search 1 combination. You have type of game (SS, proving ground etc), region and mayhem. So you have to match someone doing the same combination. Would be better if you could search multiple, like I can match Australia or Asia with no lag so that would double my search, or maybe you’d be happy in mayhem 3 or 4,or you could search proving grounds and slaughter. If multiple people search multiple variables you’d match a lot more

Still baffles me that we only have random matchmaking instead of a list of lobbies.
For me it’s a huge step back from borderlands 2


Matchmaking is busted. With 60k players + epic it took me 10 min the other day, sometimes more to find A SINGLE PLAYER for tvhm m4 maliwan, which should be among if not the most played activity.
We need this fixed or the lobby browser back.
I understand that in theory it should be easier to do the activity you want with this matchmaking (proving grounds to name something) instead of seeing 20 lobbies and having to go along with whatever they are doing or joining and quitting over and over, but this is not working gearbox, get your ■■■■ together please.


that is just about as ridiculous as it can be in 2020


The matchmaking is busted yeah, it’s the same for everyone. There is way too many people playing the game at this point for this wait time to be legit


Just remember that NVHM and TVHM are separate for matchmaking.
I find people in TVHM for TD way faster than in NVHM.