No one seem to join my online public game! PS4

I’ve been playing BL2 on PS4 for a few days. I set my game to online public a few times 1 hour at least but nobody has ever joined my game.
Has anyone on PS4 experienced the same thing?
I should mention that I have no problem finding & joining public games.

I have ps4 handsome collection what level are you maybe we can play sometime

It might have been because of the fact that you’re at an overpower level? If that is the case, nobody can join your game, because people can only join games with a +3 level max. So lets say you are at OP8, the game thinks your level 80, in which case nobody can join. The players who are trying to join are considered as level 72, even if they have overpower levels

Right now I join others then have then joined I never played it and trying to finish the actual story. After I do that then I’ll let people join mine.

If you have a router and you don’t make exceptions, or place your PS4 behind the DMZ or turn off your fiirewall, that way you don’t have strict nat settings.

On PS4’s network setting it says that my NAT Type is Type 2, also 1 person join me since my last post.

You have to make an exception in router settings and put your PS4 behind the dmz, then you’ll get a nat 1 setting.
But keep in mind , if your using Belkin, it will still stat that your under nat 2 settings.
Tip: get a D link gaming router, configuration for most gaming servers is easy.