No one uses loot boosters?

I’m running a loot Booster and must say, this does no good if you run them alone… the core packs surely aren’t worth it.

The thing is I didn’t meet anyone with a booster yet…

It’s weird since some times I got a Core Pack after a Match from someone elses booster… but now nothing, and I have played Bots Battle for hours now.

It seems also that no one is interested in stacking as well… too bad, cause Core Packs alone suck.

I only buy them when I’m on a premade of 5 where each of us have bought this loot boost. if there’s ever a loot boost event, only then I can see more pug members buying them for pvp.

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Loot Boosters cost more than a taunt. I don’t see myself ever running one. Maybe, maybe, for Battleborn Day.


What do you play on?

I don’t support these practises, and have yet to touch any of the boosters.


Why use coins for a Loot booster then get trash to sell for less than 100 credits? The math is fuzzy.
You can do better just playing the dlc without a booster.

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I’m on PS4, I’d be glad if someone could join me on my quest for better loot.

Even a second person would do since it at Least gives a little more than one pack.

But IF I were to get a 5 man Boosting team, that would mean 1 Core 1 Epic and either 1 Legendary/Commander Faction Pack.

That surely is better than running a OPs for like 30 Minutes to just get ONE Commander faction Pack.

Now I just need someone willing to trash Bots in PvP and it will be even more effecient.

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Does not apply to exclusive pvp players like myself. Besides running 5x loot boost can provide better loot packs in a shorter period of time in pvp I think. That’s because a lot of matches end with surrender in less than 10 minutes.

I know @FlamesForAll runs loot boosters. If he doesn’t he could probably find you some people who do run them!

Also one problem is a lot of people probably don’t want to run it on bots battle, just keep that in mind.

But the good loot is only guaranteed if you win.

Don’t want to risk that because of a loss vs. better players :sweat_smile:

EDIT: aaaaaaaand Bots are faster beaten too… more matches, more loot.

That may be true, but I can imagine it’s very boring for some people to play against the bots all the time.

Usually you have to organize a group to boost stack, it’s pretty difficult from my experience, I’ve organized 3 events so far that were cool and made good use of the boosters.

So yea, just ask around on the forums or w.e ahead of time and see if anybody is interested in joining you on your quest for better loot.

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It really is, but I come to BattleBorn from games like Diablo. Loot grinding is nothing new to me.

I have a few loot and xp packs in my inventory, I keep them on standby on the off chance I’m teamed with people who have them active and I want to apply the effects. My current plan is to wait and see what BattleBorn Day v2 is going to offer then take advantage of the extra players it attracts to get some multiple boosters going at once.

It’ll be easier to find people in the Forum Folks willing to loot boost if there’s already a Lootpocalypse in place.

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I made a Topic regarding that for BB Day ll, but no one answered yet… so I was wondering how the Situation for loot boosting is in general.

Aparently it’s just as bad as I thought.


I have never personally run a Loot Booster, only Exp!

Just by the way.

However, I have been on teams with plenty of people who WERE running Loot Boosters.

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But yeah, they seem pretty rare, at least in PVP!

I think most people going into PVP generally already have the gear they want / need and if they want to Loot Farm, they’ll do PVE with a Loot Booster on specific missions looking for a max roll of a specific item(s) they may be missing.

Next LootPocalypse you will see them a lot. Especially in Bot Battles


Can you direct some of them to me?

Still got 4 Loot and XP boosts, I just bought a boundle of 5 for each.

PSN: hanautaBOB

Sidenote: as of now my current boosts last for the next 16 hours… if any of them plays Bots Battles they will see (or have seen) me anyway. (Used the title “ALL THE LOOT” that comes with it, should be clear I’m farming Packs :smile: )


Sorry, just waking up; direct some of whom to you?