No online access on borderlands for ps4

Hello, I’m hoping someone could help with a issue I have with Borderlands The Handsome Collection on ps4. I for some reason cannot access any online play on this game, I have been on the phone to BT our broadband provider to open all ports on our router to stop online restrictions. Still I can’t get online, do coop nothing seems to work. This is the only ps4 game I’m having trouble with. My Nat Type on ps4 is set to type 2. Need help please.

Are you sure you’re following instructions correctly? Sometimes it’s the simple things that elude you, like posting in the correct forum.


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I wish I had something helpful to tell you. But I have moved your thread to PS4 tech support.
I’m hoping someone here with a similar issue or more knowledge in regards to the PS4 will chime in.

I have the same issues, but I can eventually get online, by totally closing the app, then going back into the game, then change the online options to friends only, it sometimes takes me a few tries as many as 6 at one time then boom I am online, I sure hope they are working on it, but really it isn’t that bad because eventually I do get online

Thanks for replying guys. Is this issue a fault with the game then?

I am not sure, My twin brother and I have had the game for the ps4 since release and my version has this issue but my brothers doesn’t

do a manual network setup on your ps4 and change the MTU setting to 1473.

We had same problem in ou house on 2 ps4s, both copies of borderlands, bt fibre connection. This made it work.

EDIT: Also, while you’re at it, change the Primary DNS to and the secondary to as BT’s are shocking and won’t let you change it on the router (HomeHub3).

Thanks purekillforce :slight_smile: that did the trick, tried each game a few times to make sure and both connected right away :slight_smile: I still have to connect manually (not sure if that is normal) but woohoo thanks!!!

Glad that worked for you! I know how annoying it is!

Yeah, we still have to connect manually at the main menu. Still defaults to “Offline”. Gearbox still need to sort it out on their end. They’ve been quiet on all the threads to do with this issue.