No OP selection after 1.06

After installing new 1.06 I tried to play UHVM with my OP8 Siren to farm a Hellfire. No OP appeared, just went straight to lv 72 UVHM.
I searched all over the menus and found no other way to activating it… where is the OP selection now?

I think you need to reach level 80, then you should be able to select OP level you want to play.

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No, you have to reach 72 and then do the Digistruct missions to unlock OP levels. Which I have already done. Then when you select UVHM and select Continue, a dialog appears asking you which OP, from 0 to the maximum unlocked, 8 for me.
That dialog wouldn’t show up after the update, and would go to basic lv 72 UVHM.

Because now, max lvl is 80, you need to reach it before going into OP levels.

My character wouldn’t get more XP and I’m using OP8 weapons perfectly.IMG_20190610_112000 IMG_20190610_112100

Try download new DLC and make sure you have latest version of the game installed.

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