No option to rebind emotes. Can't shoot/reload while using arrows keys to move

There’s no option to rebind emotes.
They’re already bound to arrow keys so whenever I shoot or reload while walking it stops reloading to do an emote.

Any idea why those keybinds aren’t in the options under social?

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Would also like to know if this is fixable as I’m a lefty, don’t want to hit my 2 hours and not be able to refund because there is no fix. Game runs great other than this

I was about to refund it also till I found a pretty great workaround.
Download AHK and use this AHK script.


Rebinds your arrow keys to wasd so it doesn’t interfere with the emotes.
Just turn it on whenever playing BL3 and you’re all set.

Thanks for this will have to try it

Not to sound stupid but the problem appears to be that the emotes and the movement are both assigned to the arrow keys with no way to move the emotes, won’t this move both both sets?

The AHK script just makes your arrow keys mimic wasd.
So when you push up, w is pressed instead.
Make your movement keys in BL3 to wasd, and then pushing the arrow keys will mimic wasd and leave the emotes alone.

Thanks for the reply, will try later :+1: