No overheat, But still Hard Shuts Off Xbox One X

My Xbox does not say Overheat. Mine has “hard” shut off nearly 50 times since the day the game came out (no exaggeration). It ONLY happens when I try to join a friend’s game. There is no overheat warning. This is no different than if you were to “pull the plug” on your actively running xbox. We all know that doing that damages most sophisticated electronics. I have contacted Gearbox and they gave me the runaround of course. I am very concerned about my Xbox One X’s well being. Has anyone else had this issue? Anyone have a fix? I have searched all over but all I keep finding is people with the overheat message. Again, mine trips like a circuit breaker. There is no overheat. Gearbox doesn’t want to give me a straight answer. And yes, I did try changing the resolution settings. No change in frequency


I have not, but I have seen vids and news stories on this with 2k apparently owning up to it.

As a result, I have stopped playing it until I get some kind of confirmation of it goes away. I have an Xbox one x and the fact that gearbox has not spoken on this issue in any matter has gotten me to back off. It looks guilty to me.

This is not unusual for them though. They farm out a lot of their work. The handsome collection at launch was near unplayable until gearbox proper got involved to fix it (it was farmed out to Iron Galaxy & Armature).

As this kind of issue could damage your hardware I’d recommend taking a step back also.

I can highly recommend the new Destiny 2 expansion & bloodstained to fill your collecting needs (as much as I am loathe to recommend destiny 2, they did do good this go around).


my PS4 Pro have had 1 complete shutdown in 3 years since i bought, as if someone pulled the cord… this was last week, in borderland 3. all system fans went from 0-100 in about 2 seconds then the power went out, with 2 beeps. as if it was it was preventing itself from blowing up… but i know why it happened, so it does makes sense but it’s not okay…

the cause were: as i were hijacking a car, indoTyrant spawned ontop of me, spat fire and blew up the car while the camera were focused in on the hijack animation… ontop of it all, it was in kneedeep water… so basically every particle effect in the game were firing at once close up to the screen. imagine pipe bomb vs graveward but 10x that.

obviously this is not helpful in your case but i thought it was worth a mention…

I have the same issue - same exact damn thing just happened for the 20th time. This needs to be addressed one way or another. I’m going to attempt to get a refund - even though I’m sure I can’t at this point.

Happened to me last night on xbox and as soon as it did, I remembered how to avoid the problem (Been playing pc for the last 2 weeks). The shutdown happens when you are playing the game and then use the group finder to join a group. To avoid the shutdown, queue up when you are in the main menu where you can choose your character. For some reason, it only happens to me when I’m putzing around with the story and just randomly decide to join a circle of slaughter or proving grounds.

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I have an Xbox One X and have only had the console shutdown twice while playing the game. I’ve not played any on-line co-op so that may explain why others have suffered this more frequently. I’ve played the game for many hours since launch with two level 50 characters and working on my third.

The first time it shutdown while loading into a new area. When I re-started the console I got the Xbox overheat warning but testing the console temperature by hand, it didn’t feel any warmer than normal.

The second shutdown happened yesterday while I was looking at the area map. Not really doing anything much apart from planning my route to the objective and then the console turned off. No overheat warning on booting the console this time.

Still worrying that this has happened as I don’t recall any other game doing this.

I have the Xbox One S and this has shutdown on me twice. I’ll hear a noise similar to Zer0’s bore and the game will be frozen and then it’ll turn off.

A little different than what the Xbox One X people are going through but this is something that has only happened to me while playing this game.

Same issue here, and only when trying to join a multiplayer game. Not an overheat issue at all.

My PS4 has never hard shut off, but it use to get really loud. The fan was not the issue as it was perfectly clean when I opened it. The fix? I removed my dynamic background. Even when playing a game the background is still going. I have a static picture background and it’s been quiet ever since.

I don’t know if Xbox has the same background thing. Might be worth a try.

I’m having the same problem with my xbox one x and it seems to be happing when i join some one game…a couple times when i wasn’t…none the less its happing…and only on this game…